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Lifestyles of the rich and famous independent software developer

SAN FRANCISCO — Victor Broido has an enviable lifestyle. He lives and works 200 yards from a sun-kissed beach. He often kitesurfs before work. Sometimes he surfs during work. “It was my dream, as a kid, to surf for an…Read more ›

Quiet Siri Down With Her Independent Volume Controls [iOS Tips]

If only we all came with independent volume controls, am I right?

Siri is a perfectly lovely digital assistant, helping us get sports scores, figure out whether we need an umbrella or not, or decide which movie to watch, and whether our friends are nearby to watch it with.

Yet Siri can, at times, just be a little loud. If you want to whisper your question to her in a quiet  [Read More…]

Apple’s The Only Tech Company Allowing Independent Audits Of Factory Conditions

  No technology company in the world has been more scrutinized than Apple when it comes to labor conditions. Over the past couple months everyone has been quick to point out how crappy the conditions are at Apple’s supplier factories – Foxconn. But what a lot of the tech press hasn’t done, is investigate the conditions at the other major tech companies in the world. Not only is Apple the  [Read More…]