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Apple Independently Tests LTE Networks Before Enabling 4G On iPhone 5


Apple exerts more control over cellular networks than any other technology company on the planet. If a carrier wants to sell the iPhone they have to pay Apple a heft subsidy. Before getting the iPhone 5 to run on their LTE network, Apple has to come around and make sure it doesn’t suck before they enable LTE on the iPhone or iPad.

The reason behind Apple testing carrier’s networks before enabling 4G  [Read More…]

Adjust Siri’s Volume Level Independently from iOS System Volume

Adjust the volume level of Siri

The volume level of Siri can be independently adjusted from the rest of the system volume of an iPhone or iPad, and it’s really easy to do:

Hold the home button as usual to summon Siri While Siri is visible, use the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone or iPad to adjust only Siri’s volume

This impacts the sound level of Siri both when initially  [Read More…]

Facebook Finally Buys Instagram For Real, Promises To Keep The App Running Independently

You may have thought it had already happened, but today Facebook has finally purchased Instagram. The proposed $ 1 billion buyout was announced back in April, but the FTC just recently closed its investigation and gave Facebook the go-ahead to make the purchase.

Due to Facebook’s stock decline, the deal’s value is now estimated to be around�$ 750 million instead of the original $ 1 billion. Facebook today reaffirms its promise to  [Read More…]