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Why Apple’s India Strategy is A Winner

Don’t look now, but here comes India. While everyone obsessed yesterday over Apple finally launching on the world’s largest carrier, China Mobile — and the Chinese market in general — smart companies are starting to focus on the smartphone market… Read more ›     

For some time now, a number of pundits have been calling on Apple to release a cheaper version of the iPhone to grow market share in developing countries. To some extent Apple has apparently listened — since it is reportedly… Read more ›     

Cult of Mac may have previously reported that Apple manufacturer Foxconn was scaling back on iPhone 5c production — instead focusing its attention on the 5s — but it seems that there is at least one place where the iPhone… Read more ›     

The iPhone just became much more cost-friendly in the second largest wireless market in the world. India’s third largest carrier, Reliance Communications, has started selling the iPhone 5c and 5s with a two-year contract. Indian customers have previously only been able…

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Chinese-iPhoneWhile the U.S. market has been the biggest measure for success with handset makers over the last few years, all of that may soon change as the U.S. smartphone market quickly gets dwarfed by China and others. According to a new report from ABI Research, China will displace the U.S. as the largest smartphone market [...]

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Seriously, I’m kind of tired of playing the typical RPG in which I take on the role of the savior of the world. This kind of power fantasy, wish fulfillment story has its place, but boy would it be nice if we could see some different stories out there.

The developers behind Kickstarter project, Unrest, must have felt the same way, as their new online RPG is set in ancient India, for  [Read More...]


Apple’s making a big push in India, and it appears to be paying off. According to an article in The Times of India, Apple India’s revenue already rose by a factor of three last year, and analysts there expect the current brisk sales of iPhones to boost the company’s bottom line to over $ 1 billion in the current year.

While Apple does not disclose financials for the Indian sales unit, it  [Read More...]


For Apple to really compete with Samsung in terms of global smartphone marketshare, many analysts believe Apple will have to release a cheaper iPhone to appeal to customers in India and China.

As talk of a cheaper iPhone has ramped up over the last few months, Apple is also planning to increase its presence in India by tripling the number of exclusive authorized reseller stores in the country from 65 to 200 by 2015.

Apple has flipped the switch on the iTunes Store in a grand total of 56 new countries around the world, including key emerging markets like India. Russia, a country where Apple is expected to hold a small celebration event, also now has access to iTunes music and movies.

The iTunes Store is now available in 119 countries in dozens of currencies. Here’s the full press release from Apple:

MOSCOW—December 4, 2012—Apple® today announced  [Read More...]

MacBook Pro roof desk in Goa, India For those of us up north battling the cold winter, this Mac setup at sunset is sure to inspire some envy. Reader Pavel G is spending his winter in balmy Goa, India, and set up a desk on the rooftop of a house near the beach. Here’s the hardware he’s using to be productive while beachside in the sunny tropics: MacBook Pro 15? iPhone 4  [Read More...]