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Indian prime minister will meet with Tim Cook during U.S. visit

Indian Prime Minister and noted iPhone user Narendra Modi has requested to meet Tim Cook during his upcoming visit to the U.S. — reportedly to discuss the possibility of Apple investing in R&D and manufacturing in his country. Modi arrives in New York on September 24 and 25, before heading to the West Coast on September […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Indian smartphone maker is serious about banning iPhone brand name

After China, India is the next big frontier for Apple: with a massive 1.2 billion citizens, and an impressively growing smartphone market that is far from saturated. So far Apple has had great success in the country, as the iPhone 6…Read more ›

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Invests In New Indian Smartphone Brand

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is one of the principal investors behind a new smartphone brand set to launch in India. The as-yet-unnamed brand is being funded by the investment and acquisition company, Inflexionpoint, for which Sculley serves as a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Indian Retail Rules Stand In The Way Of The First Indian Apple Store

It could be several years before India gets its first Apple store.

Apple’s retail stores bring in customers like no other retail outlet on the planet, and so it’s no surprise the Cupertino company is keen to build more of them. One possible market for expansion could be India, where Apple is currently forced to sell its products through distributors. However, one Indian retail rule, which states foreign companies must source 30%  [Read More…]

One Indian Carrier Is So Desperate For iPhone Customers Theyre Advertising An iPhone 4 Running Android

Even in India, carriers without Apple deals in place are going to desperate lengths to sell their inferior Android handsets as equivalent to the iPhone even going so far as to advertise this weird iPhoneDroid rip-off, which boasts the design of the iPhone 4 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the operating system.   Pretty funny. Were not sure if this is an actual handset or just exists in the mind  [Read More…]