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iPhone 4S/5 Parts Indicate Little Change to Apples Next Device

More parts claimed to be for Apple�s next-generation iPhone reveal what many reports have claimed for some time: that Apple�s next iPhone could look identical to the iPhone 4 with only a few changes to its internals.

Components passed on to iDownloadBlog, apparently destined for Apple�s next iPhone, reveal the new device�s rear panel and a redesigned flex cable � both of which point to subtle changes within the new iPhone.

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iPad 2 Screen Protectors Indicate Front Facing Camera

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We have seen countless articles about the rumored iPad 2’s Front Facing Camera and have come across many factors that lead us to believe the camera is coming. Today 9to5Mac is reporting that they have managed to get their hands on the official screen protectors for the iPad 2, and these protectors do indeed have a spot for the rumored camera.


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