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Apple Music adds 20,000 indie labels by signing Beggars Group and Merlin

Indie musicians haven’t been too keen on Apple’s music streaming service that originally planned to cut them out of a paycheck for three months. Now that Taylor Swift has won her battle against Apple Music, thousands of indie artists are…Read more ›

Oz indie music labels don’t think Apple Music is a koala-ty deal

The announcement of Apple Music last week was certain to stir up a bit of controversy, and sure enough some corners of the music industry are starting to speak out against the (arguably harsh) terms Apple’s dictated. Among them is…Read more ›

Why WWDC is totally terrifying for indie developers

SAN FRANCISCO — If you watched the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote earlier this week, you’d think it was a big love fest. But there’s a section of the audience sitting there in a cold, cold sweat. Attendees are mostly software…Read more ›

How App Store reviews can help indie developers

Customer reviews on the App Store are good for business. It’s not just that good reviews can improve your app’s ranking. Reviews have also helped me build a better app. But with all the fake reviews and haters out there,…Read more ›

Indie developers make meme games fast, but do they pay off?

When #TheDress went viral, you might have tweeted about it, or argued over the color with your Facebook friends. You may have forwarded that video of the Llamas giving merry chase, or the Left Shark messing up its dance moves…Read more ›

How App Store optimization can harm indie developers

I followed the advice of an App Store optimization expert last year in an attempt to promote my iPhone app. Big mistake. It felt wrong at the time, and it did more harm than good. Now I’ve learned to trust…Read more ›

Friendly indie dev wants to teach kids to think like a programmer

Daryl Hornsby is an affable guy. As the lead designer of the independent educational game, Machineers, he was on hand at the Game Developers Conference in March to give us a quick tour of the team’s puzzle adventure game that…Read more ›

Indie dev parodies internet life for fun and profit

Nathalie Lawhead speaks swiftly, a gentle European lilt in her accent. On the screen behind her is a random-seeming collection of internet memes rendered in outsider art chic. At first glance, her games look absolutely absurd, random, and ridiculous. “If…Read more ›

Wacky indie game dev wants you to Throw Trucks With Your Mind

Lat Ware is a pretty loquacious dude, without a bit of shyness in his persona. We came across Ware at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco the first week of March and tried out his upcoming game, Throw Trucks…Read more ›

Indie dev hopes Zombie Match Defense will chew its way to the top

SAN FRANCISCO — After his best friend deemed it impossible to make a fun game using the oversaturated staples of mobile gaming — match three, tower defense and zombies — indie developer Jake Sones made a bet. Now Sones and…Read more ›