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Show Process ID of Individual Web Page Tabs & Windows in Safari for Mac OS X

Anyone who develops just about anything for the web knows that following resource usage of a specific tab or window, or just tracking down an errant tab or window can be difficult, but Safari on the Mac has a hidden trick up it’s sleeve that makes it much easier; the ability to show web process … Read More

Survivalist gear reveals individual nature of fear

Everybody packs differently for the apocalypse. Photographer Allison Stewart reveals the fears and foresight of survivalists in her photographs of bug-out bags, the emergency preparedness kits put together by individuals ready to flee an impending disaster. In her photo series… Read more ›

Jailbreak Tweak Uses Touch ID On iPhone 5s To Unlock Individual Apps

Since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, one of the hottest new iOS hardware features that hackers have been looking to utilize is Touch ID in the iPhone 5s. For example, a tweak was just recently released that allows jailbreakers… Read more ›     

iTunes 11 Can Control Individual Volume Output On Multiple AirPlay Devices At Once


iTunes 11 has a bunch of small new features that will make you smile, and if you have a couple of speakers in your house that are AirPlay compatible this newly discovered feature will certainly make you happy.

When you connect multiple AirPlay devices to your iTunes 11 Mac you can now control the volume output of those devices through iTunes 11 rather than having to manage each device individually through  [Read More…]

Aperture Bug Means That You Can’t Strip Location Data From Individual Pics

Modern cameras include GPS data in photos, and software like iPhoto and Aperture uses this data to provide location info for features like Places. Not only are many people unaware that GPS data is included in the pics they’re taking, but uploading these pics online means that the world knows exactly when and where they were taken.

Apple’s professional photo Mac software, Aperture, is supposed to let you strip location data from  [Read More…]