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Instagram comes to life with this inexpensive printer

Epson’s new all-in-one printer, the Epson XP-430, positions itself as an affordable wireless printer that also integrates with the photos on your social networks. You can use the included Epson Creative Print software to link your Instagram account and print out your photos, plus scan and share photos directly to your Facebook. It’s pretty nifty, considering […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pyle Audio Offers New Inexpensive Connected Bluetooth Body Scale

Pyle Audio makes one of pretty much everything. If it has wires, knobs, plastic or is made of a material that can be found in or near our solar system, Pyle makes it. Cover for your boat’s stereo? Yes. How…

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Inexpensive Home Automation With This $99 Almond+ Touch-Screen Router and Almost Any Cheap(ish) Sensors



Home automation is here, but it isn’t cheap — unless you go the smart route with Securifi‘s new Almond+ router. For $ 100, this thing has much of what you’d expect from a top-tier router: Fast, next-gen 802.11ac compatibility (but still works with this-gen “n” devices), a claimed 5000 ft radius of coverage, four ethernet ports, a USB port and some slick mounting options.

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Apple: Inexpensive iPhone Would Be An Innovative Category-Killer

The drawback to success is you�re only as good as your last killer product. Perhaps that�s what Apple executives were thinking when they recently told a Wall Street analyst any rumored low-cost iPhone would have to be more than out-cheap Android, but be a �category-killer� like the iPad and iP hone.

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