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Samsung will finally pay Apple the patent infringement damages it owes

Following quite literally years of appeals and retrials, Samsung is finally paying Apple the $ 548,176,477 it owes for infringing on patents owned by the Cupertino company. Four months before the fifth anniversary of the original complaint, Apple will receive the money from Samsung by December 14 — with Apple and Samsung filing a joint case […]

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DSS Sues Apple For Patent Infringement

As a great man once said, “Can’t we all just get along?” Sadly when you’re talking about tech companies, and products worth billions of dollars, the answer is a resounding “no”. The problem this time is another patent lawsuit against…Read more ›    [Read More…]

ITC Rules In Favor Of Apple, Bans Older Samsung Devices For Patent Infringement

AppleSamsungRuling_610x426The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled in favor of Apple today by finding Samsung guilty of patent infringement in two cases. This marks the ITC’s final ruling from the original complaint Apple filed against Samsung back in 2011, reports FOSS Patents. Apple won a decisive victory against Samsung last year that involved over […]

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Apple And Samsung Have Renewed Settlement Talks Over Patent Infringement

AppleSamsungRuling_610x426Even though Apple was awarded $1 billion last summer during its patent infringement case against Samsung, the two tech giants still aren’t done fighting, but there’s hope that a deal can be made as the two sides have renewed their talks to reach a settlement. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two companies been […]

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Flowboard, Flipboard Embroiled in Trademark Infringement Clash

flowboard-flipboard-iconsFlowboard. Flipboard. Look too similar? The people behind the Flipboard app certainly think so. Brent Brookler, CEO of Treemo and creator of e-publishing iPad app Flowboard, says Flipboard has been threatening him with legal action since shortly after his app launched back in April, asking him to change the name of his app. Flipboard also […]

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Survival Of The Fittest: iPhone Accessory Maker Fitbug Sues Fitbit For Trademark Infringement


Fitbug is a company that makes exercise accessories that work with iPhone apps. Fitbit is also a company that makes exercise accessories that work with iPhone apps. Their names are similar, and so are their products. It’s kind of like they’re the same company, except they’re totally not, and that’s the problem.

The confusion between the names of the two companies has really started to get under Fitbug’s skin, so it’s  [Read More…]

Hearing Aid Company Sues Apple For Trademark Infringement Over EarPods

They look so similar, right?

They look so similar, right?

Randolph Divisions makes the HearPod, a digital hearing aid. The company has owned the “HearPod” trademark since 2007, and it recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple in Hawaii District Court. Apparently “HearPod” and “EarPods” sound too much alike.

Apple also owns a trademark for its EarPods, but it doesn’t own the earpods.com or earpod.com domain names—Randolph Divisions happens to own the latter.

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Samsung Begs To See Apple’s iOS Source Code To Prove Patent Infringement

Show us the source code!

Show us the source code!

Samsung has gone before the Seoul Central District Court to ask to see Apple’s iOS source code. The goal of seeing the source code is to confirm whether Apple’s iOS 6 infringes on any of Samsung’s software patents. Yes, this is the same Samsung that Apple won $ 1 billion+ in damages against for patent infringement in U.S. court last year.

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Russian Railways Sues Apple Over Trademark Infringement


Apple got sued by the Swiss Federal Railway Service in October over use of their clock-face,  and now another European railway has decided they want some money from Apple too.

Russian Railways has filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple for about $ 65,000 (2 million roubles). The reason behind the lawsuit isn’t really clear at this point, but it’s been speculated that Russian Railways is mad about people using their logo in  [Read More…]

Samsung Wants iPad Mini, 4th-Gen iPad Added To Patent Infringement Case Against Apple

Samsung successfully had the iPhone 5 added to its patent infringement complaint against Apple earlier this month, but the Korean electronics giant hasn’t quite finished there. It’s now going after Apple’s latest iOS devices, and has requested that the iPad mini, the new fourth-generation iPad, and Apple’s latest iPod touch are also brought into the case.

Samsung filed a new court filing today that asks for the devices to be added  [Read More…]