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ICYMI: iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

This week, Luke details all the ways those original iPad haters were utterly wrong on the fifth anniversary of Apple’s category-busting tablet, Luke has a sneak peek at the stunning mural for a new Apple retail store in Chongqing, China,…Read more ›

iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. A giant screen with one button, the iPad represented possibly the purest distillation of Jobs’ tech dreams. Yet at the time it was met with derision. “I got about 800 messages in the last 24…Read more ›

Initial iPhone 5S Shipments May Be Reduced Due To Supply Constraints [Rumor]

iphone 5 display swApple may be forced to reduce its iPhone 5S orders for the fourth quarter of 2013 due to supply constraints affecting the handset’s rumored fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chips. Both components were expected to enter production in late June or early July, but that’s now been pushed back into late July, according to industry […]

The post Initial iPhone 5S Shipments May Be Reduced Due To Supply  [Read More…]

Media’s Initial Response to Original iPad Unveiling Left Jobs Depressed

The amount of information held within Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs apparently is astounding. Another portion of the biography leaked detailing how Jobs personally handled the negative backlash against the iPad immediately after its unveiling. For those who don’t remember, the iPad faced unmatched hype, coverage, and speculation leading up to the devices unveiling. Not since the iPhone had something been so eagerly anticipated. It seemed, to those that cared, to those that followed  [Read More…]

Initial iPhone 4S Supplies Run Dry, Now Shipping in 1-2 Weeks

If you havent already pre-ordered aniPhone 4S, then you probably arent going to get one on October 14, when they officially go on sale. Apple now shows ship times of 1-2 weeks for every iPhone 4S configuration. The iPhone 4S pre-sale has been going on for approximately 24 hours and it now seems likely that Apples initial supply may have run dry for the moment. High demand is sure to keep supplies tight for the  [Read More…]

Initial iPhone 5 Shipments Plagued by Touch Panel Issues

Despite recent rumors that suggest there will not be an iPhone 5 this October just the iPhone 4S instead DigiTimes reports that there are issues currently affecting the supply of iPhone 5 touch panels, which will plague the initial shipments of the device. Wintek, a company that makes touch panels for the iPhone, is reportedly has discovered a delayed bubble defect with causes problems to iPhone touch panels in  [Read More…]