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Amazon Inks Deal To Bring HBO Shows To Prime & Fire TV

Amazon has inked a deal with HBO to bring popular shows like True Blood and The Wire to Prime Instant Video subscribers without an HBO subscription. The deal will also see an HBO GO app brought to the new Amazon Fire TV, but it’ll… Read more ›

Apple Finally Topples Great Wall, Reportedly Inks Deal With World’s Largest Carrier

After years of negotiations, Apple and China Mobile have finally closed a deal for the carrier to sell the iPhone. Rumors of the two companies working together started gaining momentum a few months ago with a report from the The Wall… Read more ›     

Netflix Inks Deal With Disney, Gains U.S. Exclusivity For A Host Of Feature Films

Netflix’s streaming service isn’t exactly known for having quality content. Their catalog of movies is reminiscent of the bargain DVD bin at your local Walmart. Netflix has been struggling to land any quality licensing agreements and has actually been losing a few. With Redbox Instant on the horizon, Netflix desperately needs to give its members a reason to stick around.

Well, today, Netflix has provided members with a reason, and that reason  [Read More…]

Quick Look at Silo Inks Refillable Ink Cartridges

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 21012 � Silo Ink�s refillable ink cartridges are the last inkjet cartridges you�ll ever buy, according to the company. It offers a lifetime replacement guarantee to back that up. Once installed, the cartridges are refilled from bottles of ink, which cost about $ 15 and are good for 10 refills. A special chip that makes the cartridges appear as new to the printer after a refill. A set of refillable cartridges cost between $ 100 and $  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Inks Deal with Top Record Labels Ahead of Cloud Music Service Launch

Click the image to open in full size. Call it a coincidence or mere happenstance, but on the same day we get news that Apple is ramping up its data storage facilities around the US, word comes that Apple has apparently sealed the deal (finally!) with several of the top labels in the music industry. Naturally, this development suggests that Apple is inching ever closer to rivaling both Amazon and Google with its very own  [Read More…]