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Apple’s R&D spending proves innovation isn’t all about money

When it comes to innovation, Apple is proving that it’s not all about the money. While competitors like Google, Facebook and Qualcomm are dumping huge percentages of their revenue back into R&D on projects like autonomous cars and Internet drones, a recent Bloomberg report highlights how Apple has gotten the biggest bang for its buck […]

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Steve Jobs stars talk up movie’s brilliant innovation

Michael Fassbender doesn’t look anything like Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie about the Apple CEO’s life, but according to his co-star Jeff Daniels, that doesn’t matter because it’s the most truthful telling of Steve Jobs yet. “Michael’s really making sure that he tells the truth with STeve Jobs. That he really tries to get […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Former Apple and Samsung employee dishes dirt on rivals’ innovation

Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals in the tech industry that make a lot of the same type of products, but when it comes to innovation, the two are complete opposites. Arno Lenior is one of the few people on the planet who’s worked at both companies, and while Samsung gets a bad rap for […][Read More…]

Innovation isn’t dead; people are just slow to catch it

If you’re one of the people out there who haven’t taken the plunge on an Apple Watch, you’re not alone. While Apple’s latest wearable has gotten a ton of press and sold really well, a lot of the rank and…Read more ›

Apple vs. Google: Which has the upper hand in innovation?

To succeed in tech, you must be a master of innovation. No two companies understand this better than Apple and Google, which have become kings of the industry thanks to a string of incredible ideas that have shaped the technology we…Read more ›

Google boss says innovation is key to iOS search deal

Ever since Apple replaced Google Maps with its own solution there have been rumors that Google Search might be next on the chopping block. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has called the Safari search deal one of the premiere search deals in…Read more ›

Design firm Ammunition takes top honors for innovation

San Francisco design firm Ammunition beat out Apple and others to be named Fast Company’s top “Innovative Company in Design.” Co-founded by Robert Brunner, the former head of Apple’s industrial design studio who hired Jony Ive, Ammunition is most famous…Read more ›

Will Android TV spur Apple TV innovation?

Seven years after the Apple TV launch, Google has announced Android TV software that will work with hardware from companies like Sony and Logitech. But how does the current Apple TV stack up to the new Android TV platform? Today’s…Read more ›

Walter Isaacson: Google’s Innovation Is Great, But Apple Is Best At Executing [Video]

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson ruffled some fanboys’ feathers earlier this month when he said Google is outpacing Apple on the innovation front. Pointing to the Nest acquisition as evidence, Isaacson says the greatest innovation is coming out of Google.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ex-CEO John Sculley: Apple’s Lull In Innovation Has Nothing To Do With Apple At All


During his tenure as CEO of Apple, John Sculley saw the company suffer through a serious lack of innovation that nearly sunk the company, before Jobs came back and rescued it.

In an interview earlier this month, Sculley said he thinks Apple is experiencing a “lull in innovation.” To clarify his stance, Sculley just gave another interview and said that even though Apple’s experiencing a lull, it’s not really its own  [Read More…]