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How to Format Text & Insert Pictures Into Notes in iOS

The Notes app in modern versions of iOS includes support for text formatting and media insertion. This is a welcome change for many reasons, as it not only improves the functionality of Notes app to serve as a scratchpad, but it also makes the Notes app and it’s iCloud syncing abilities between iOS devices and … Read More

Windows Phone’s Black Screen Of Death Tells You To ‘Insert Installation Disk’ [Image]


Microsoft’s Windows operating system is often mocked for its blue screen of death, the dreaded error message that appears on an all-too-often basis when attempting to work the computer too hard. And now it seems the company’s Windows Phone platform has a nasty error message of its own.

This particular error message, spotted on the HTC 8X, rather hilariously asks you to “insert your Windows installation disk” and “repair your computer” to continue.

  [Read More…]

Lightning Insert Makes Elevation Dock iPhone 5 Friendly


I’m so desperate for a dock for my new iPhone 5 that I have closely studied the little perspex stands in the local Apple Store and scoured the local hardware emporiums for something — anything — that comes close to its acrylic simplicity.

I have so far failed, and am currently using the box the iPhone came in as a pretty handy stand. But I’m not really that serious about docks,  [Read More…]

Automatically Insert Your App Store Password With PasswordPilot

A new jailbreak tweak was released today, Its called PasswordPilot, This tweak automatically inserts your App store password in the password pop-up when installing apps from iOS App Store. passwordpilot 1 PasswordPilot is developed by Filipo Biga, a well known jailbreak developer. PasswordPilot automatically inserts your AppStore app when downloading or updating apps from  [Read More…]

How Do I Insert a CD to the iPad 2? [Humor]

Screen Shot 2011 07 26 at 07 51 05 Im not sure whether this guy over on the Apple Support forums is genuine, or whether hes set up this thread purely for fun, but either way its hilarious. Having recently purchased an iPad 2, Michael K. W is seriously considering returning his device to the Apple store because he cannot get his CDs inside.   Im trying to put a cd into the iPad  [Read More…]