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Tim Cook insists Apple Pencil is not a mere stylus

Tim Cook loves the new iPad Pro so much it’s the only product he travels with now, other than his iPhone. In a new interview talking about the benefits of the new big-screened iPad, the Apple CEO trumpeted the iPad Pro’s productivity thanks to new multi-tasking software in iOS 9 complimented by the new keyboard […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pegatron insists it does all it can to keep workers happy

Whatever your thoughts on last week’s BBC documentary about the poor worker conditions in factories producing the iPhone, there’s no doubt that it’s brought the topic back into widespread circulation. Unlike the majority of previous reports, this time the target wasn’t…Read more ›

Eric Schmidt insists your data is much safer with Google than with Apple

Eric Schmidt has hit back at Tim Cook’s recent jibes at Google, claiming that “someone didn’t brief him correctly on Google’s policies.” Schmidt was speaking as part of a CNN Money interview to promote his new book How Google Works.…Read more ›

PlayTimer insists that you put your phone down

Maybe you have a busy life, and you need some help making time for the things that matter. Like, a lot of help. I’m talking about zero willpower here. PlayTimer is for you. It locks your phone down but good…Read more ›

Google Insists There Is No Battery Drain Issue With Google Now For iOS


Google brought its intelligent Google Now service to iOS earlier this week with an update to the Google Search app, and for many, the feature works very well. For a lot of others, however, Google Now appears to be causing a significantly negative impact on battery life — as we reported on Wednesday.

Google has since responded to these reports, calling them “incorrect” and insisting that Google Now does not have  [Read More…]