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iPhone or iPad Running Slow After Installing iOS 5? Heres How to Fix the Speed

iPhone, iPad, and iPod

If your iPad or iPhone is running slow after updating to iOS 5 you�re not alone, for many the update has made their device feel sluggish, with taps taking longer to register, stalls between swipes, and just a general noticeable decrease in performance. This seems to effect all iOS devices too, indicating it�s not necessarily a hardware issue but a software one.

There are two solutions that are  [Read More…]

Having Problems After Installing iOS 5? Here Are General Troubleshooting Tips For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

A number of Cult of Mac readers, and many more on Apple�s Discussion boards, have reported problems after trying to upgrade to iOS 5 on Wednesday. A good percentage of the time these updates go well, but they didn�t today. On Friday, we may see problems when people try to upgrade from an existing iPhone to a new iPhone 4S. Therefore, I�ll give you five troubleshooting tips that generally fix most,  [Read More…]

Installing and Removing Fonts in Mac OS X

Manage fonts in Mac OS X

Managing fonts on the Mac is incredibly easy regardless of what system software version you are using. We�lll cover the process of installing new fonts, deleting unwanted ones, and also restoring your default system fonts in case you mess something up.


Installing New Fonts in Mac OS X

Installing new fonts is very easy. All you need to do is:

Double-click on the font.ttf file  [Read More…]

Show Package Contents Unavailable? Extract .pkg Files Without Installing Them

Extract Package (.pkg) file contents without installing them in Mac OS X

Continuing on with the theme of inspecting the contents of app installers, you can also extract package files and sort through their contents without actually installing them. To do this, you can often just right-click on a pkg file and select �Show Package Contents� � but that isn�t always displayed. Assuming that option is unavailable, we can extract .pkg files  [Read More…]

Sprint Reportedly Installing Cellular Repeaters at Apple Stores

Despite the Labor Day holiday in the US today, the tech rumor mill certainly didn’t take a day off Monday as a full slate of reports and speculations have pelted the blogosphere since sunrise.

The latest reports we’re hearing today suggest that Sprint has begun installing cellular repeaters in Apple Stores, the freshest clue in the all but officially confirmed reality that Sprint will carry the iPhone this fall in the US.

According to a source  [Read More…]

Before Installing JailbreakMe , Save SHSH blobs 4.3.3

Hopefully ipad 2 jailbreak from comex will be released in a few hours, in the mean time we should save our SHSH blobs of IOS 4.3.3.

After Apple patched comex exploit, he recommendes saving SHSH blobs using Tinyumbrella on iOS 4.3.3 to guarantee the ability to run jailbreak .

You can get TinyUmbrella�Click Here�(for Windows) or�Click Here�(for Mac OS X) and then click on “Save SHSH Blobs.”