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The iPhone has long had the excellent Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, which effectively turns an iPhone or cellular iPad into a wireless router that Macs and other devices can connect to. That iPhone Hotspot feature gets even better for Mac users running OS X Yosemite, because you can now enable the iPhones personal Hotspot feature … Read More

Amazon Instant Video — the official iOS app of the e-commerce giant’s Prime video streaming service — has just added a great new update. The app will now attempt to lure you in by letting users stream the first episode… Read more ›

The CAZLET from KYNEZ is an iPhone wallet case like no other. It’s the only one I know of that provides military-grade protection for your beloved smartphone, and it’s one of the few that allows you to use your device… Read more ›

Snapchat adds instant messaging and video calls

Apple’s FaceTime service is getting another rival — courtesy of an update from disappearing messages service Snachat. The update will introduce instant messaging and video call functions — opening up more possibilities for users wanting to have private conversations. As… Read more ›

Did you watch that? It’s total crap. The security expert quoted in the piece, Kyle Wilhoit, has just written a blog post that calls out the report, essentially saying that the hacks shown in the video can happen anywhere, and… Read more ›     

Last week we saw Command-C, a super-useful app that uses Wi-Fi, iOS 7 multitasking and push notifications to easily send your clipboard between devices. Now, there’s Scribe, which goes one better by ditching the Wi-Fi sending the clipboard between devices… Read more ›     

We’re big fans of Apple’s Pages app on iOS here, as it allows us to create and edit good-looking documents easily and on the go. Pages’ stunning array of templates, combined with the ease of use associated with an app… Read more ›     

amazoninstantvideoAmazon has added AirPlay support to its popular video streaming app – Amazon Instant Video. Starting today, the new feature allows iOS users to push video from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the Apple TV. Not quite as good as having an Amazon Instant Video channel on the Apple TV, but the move […]

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Fujifilm’s Instant Camera Gets Retro-Style Overhaul

Old Vs. New. Or New Vs. Old?I saw a kid at the airport the other day, carrying a Fujifilm Instax camera, and I wondered what the hell kind of cruel trick her parents were playing on her. That thing is hideous. But if she’d been carrying the new retro-style Instax Mini 90, I’d have been all “WTF?†The new Instax is […]

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Amazon has just update its Instant Video app for the iPhone and iPad today. The bad news is there’s still no AirPlay video support, but there is a new interface that makes it a lot easier for you to discover movies and television shows you want to watch.

New in the Amazon Instant Video 1.4.3 update is a new UI which allows for faster navigation through a drop-down menu on the  [Read More…]