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How to Instantly Mark All Email As Read in Mail for iOS

Mail icon in iOS Mail app on the iPhone and iPad received a major revamp along with iOS 7 that includes a variety of improvements and adjustments, but out of all the new features, some of the simplest changes are perhaps the most welcome. Case in point; a new and much faster way to easily mark all emails in Mail app as read. Yes, you read that right, you can now almost  [Read More…]

Instantly Resize Finder Column View to Fit File Names in Mac OS X

Instantly resize Finder column view to fit file and folder names

Column View is one of the more useful file browsing view settings in the OS X Finder, but it has a usability flaw that’s initially visible to most users; file names and folders often don’t fit, thus they wind up truncated and become unreadable. Rather than dragging around every single column to accommodate the appropriate file size to make them  [Read More…]

AppSeed Instantly Turns Your Napkin Doodles Into An App’s Interface [Daily Freebie]

appseed-1  Just as easy-to-use creative apps like iMovie and GarageBand have made it easier to craft music and videos, so AppSeed is poised to make it much easier to build iOS apps. Simply using the app to snap a photo of a rough sketch scribbled onto a notepad or napkin will turn that sketch into […]

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Ending Soon! Cleanse Your iTunes Instantly – 40% off The New TuneUp Version 3 [Deals]

CoM - TuneUpThere’s not many people out there who can claim that their iTunes library is in pristine shape. In fact, more people will admit that it’s a bit of a mess – or even a chaotic one. That’s where TuneUp Version 3 can come to the rescue…no matter how messy your iTunes is. And Cult of […]

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Dismiss Notifications Instantly in iOS 7 with a Swipe

Notifications can be both extremely useful and persistently obnoxious, depending on what they are for and when they come across your screen. For the times when they’re on the obnoxious end of the spectrum, in your way of doing something on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be happy to discover that now post iOS 7 you have a super-simple method of quickly dismissing notifications that you don’t want on the screen any longer.

All you need to do is swipe  [Read More…]

Quit All Open Applications Instantly from the OS X Dock with a Simple Mac App

If you’ve ever needed to quickly quit out of all open applications in Mac OS X, you’ve probably just resorted to flipping through every open application in the Dock, then hitting Command+Q, then repeating until everything is closed. But there’s a better way, and with an extraordinarily simple Automator app you can create a function that will instantly quit all apps, leaving you with nothing open. Toss that little crafted app into the Dock and you’ll instantly be able to  [Read More…]

Instashare Instantly Transfers Files Between Mac And iPhone

Ever need to quickly send a file over to your iPad from your Mac. Or from your iPad to your Mac? Or between iOS devices? Then you need Instashare, an app which also has the distinction of completing the hat-trick of Insta-apps on your iDevice (Instapaper and Instagram being the other two).

You could be sure to use iCloud-syncing apps so your documents show up where you want them to. Or you  [Read More…]

Use These Keyboard Shortcuts To Reboot Or Shutdown Your Mac Instantly [OS X Tips]


I’ve been a Mac user since the Performa 638 CD I purchased in 1994, and I had no idea these shortcuts existed. While I wouldn’t recommend them to every Mac user, if you’re comfortable with the potential issues of immediately shutting down your Mac, you’ll want to learn these post-haste.

Note that when we refer to the Power button below, you may see an Eject button instead. Use either the  [Read More…]

From You To The Web, Instantly: Photoset Does One Thing Very Well [Review]

Grab some photos, hit upload. That’s it.

Quick, answer this one: what’s the quickest, easiest, no-sign-ups required way to get a bunch of photos from your iPhone to the internet, right now?

Instagram? Nope. You’re kind of right, but Instagram has its limitations. And you need to sign up to use it. Apple’s Photo Stream? Closer, but you still need to be using iCloud.

The quickest, easiest and no-sign-uppiest service I’ve  [Read More…]

Revert a Document to the Last Saved Version Instantly in Mac OS X

Revert to the last saved version of a file

We’ve all accidentally saved over a crucial file and lost something important, and that’s exactly what the Versions feature of Mac OS X aims to prevent by providing a history of a documents life. Since Mountain Lion, the Versions feature has improved dramatically, and it’s now easier to use and more logical than ever, in particular the new feature that lets you immediately  [Read More…]