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Apple Watch inches closer to in-store pickup

Apple is getting ready to offer customers the chance to pick up their new Apple Watches in brick-and-mortar retail stores, according to a new option on the Apple Online Store describing the service as “available soon.” So far Apple Watches…Read more ›

How an in-store Apple Watch demo will make you a believer

SAN FRANCISCO — Like a lot of people, I took the midnight plunge and bought an Apple Watch before I’d even tried it on. But today, I got to see the device I bought last night. I went down to…Read more ›

Booking Apple’s in-store training sessions is now easier than ever

One of the best things Apple offers for newbie customers is the ability to go into brick-and-mortar retail stores for training sessions. Looking to improve this service — or at least to speed up the ability for users to make…Read more ›

iPhone 5s Now Available With In-Store Pickup Via Apple Online Store (Again)

iPhone-5s-instore-pickupYou can now purchase the iPhone 5s from Apple.com and collect your order from your local Apple retail store. The Cupertino has the brought in-store pickup service back to the new device following a very brief stint this time last week — but who knows how long it will last. Apple first made in-store pickup […]

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iPhone 5s Is No Longer Available For In-Store Pickup Through The Apple Online Store

Screen_Shot_2013-09-24_at_14.02.36Apple made the iPhone 5s available for in-store pickup on Monday, allowing customers to order their new device online, then collect it from their local Apple retail store later the same day. But just a day later, the option has already been pulled — probably due to the incredible demand Apple seen for the device […]

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Apple Offers In-Store Pickup Option For iPhone 5s As Shipping Estimates Slip To October

iPhone-5s-flatApple sold a lot of new iPhones over the weekend—9 million to be exact. While we don’t know the breakdown sales for the 5c and 5s, estimates suggest that the ratio of 5s sales to 5c sales was around 3 to 1. Launch supply of the 5s was significantly constrained due to what was likely […]

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Can’t Get Your Hands On An iPad mini? Apple Now Offering In-Store Pickup Reservations For Online Orders

If you frequently buy brand new Apple products, you know the cycle: initial pre-order stock sells out quickly, launch day stock goes fast, and then Apple starts offering next-day reservations for in-store pickup. The iPad mini has reached the last stage in the cycle.

Apple retail stores get a limited supply of new products (in this case, the iPad mini) each night. If you’re having trouble getting your hands  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Setting Up In-Store Bring Your Own iPhone Demo Stations [Rumor]

At this point, we know that, yet again, T-Mobile hasn’t managed to work itself out a deal when it comes to the iPhone 5 when it launches later this month. That means yet again, T-Mobile will be the odd carrier out: the only one of the major four without an iPhone.

T-Mobile’s at a competitive disadvantage, and they are doing everything they can to address that They’ve started telling their sales  [Read More…]

Target Confirms In-Store Apple Stores Coming This Year

Last Friday,MMi reportedthat retail giant Target would soon expand its in-store offerings by launching an “Apple store within a Target store” at dozens of select Target locations later this year. Today, Target confirmed the speculation and admitted that 25 “specialty stores” will open to exclusively showcase Apple products. The stores will be opened inside of presently existing Target retail locations. The specific locations, however, have not yet been announced, although they are expected to be  [Read More…]

Apple Expands In-Store Purchase Pickup to New York City

On October 26th,MMi reportedthat Apple had officially initiated its new pilot program that allows customers to pick up orders placed through the online Apple Store in one of the company’s brick and mortar retail stores. As of last week, however, this option was only available in the San Francisco, California region. Today we can confirm that the program has been extended to Apple retail stores in the New York City area. The Apple website continues  [Read More…]