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Apple wants Siri to give you navigation instructions like a human

Getting direction from a computer sucks, but that could soon change based on a new patent filed by Apple for “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications. Rather than receiving instructions from an emotion-less robot, Apple’s new patent would make Siri’s…Read more ›

iOS 7 Beta 4 Adds Spotlight Instructions, Home Screen Snoozes

beta-better.jpegIOS7 beta 4 continues to impress, and it seems that Apple has now ironed out a lot of the bigger bugs, leaving time to polish the smaller things. In just a few hours of use I have noticed a couple of very helpful additions: one to Spotlight and one to the snooze function of the […]

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Apple vs.Samsung Trial: The Jury Instructions Are In [Liveblog]

San Jose, CA — Today’s session in the Apple-Samsung trial has begun and Judge Kho is ready to describe the jury instructions to the court and the large public gathered at a Federal courtroom. The judge estimates it may take her more than one hour to recite the full instructions, which run about 20 pages.

The contents of the instructions tend towards the highly technical, and appear as a claim  [Read More…]

Apple vs. Samsung Trial Day 12 Preview: Jury Instructions and Closing Arguments Start

The jury will hear instructions to find a verdict for multiple counts of patent infringement claims in today’s court session of the Apple-Samsung trial.  After terms are set, lawyers from each side will gather their final arguments and present them to the jury with the hope of resolving the first skirmish in a series of big legal battles between them.

Only this skirmish is more significant that most. It could end  [Read More…]