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While Android hardware manufacturers were busy trying to pack as many cores as they could into their smartphone and tablet processors, Apple took a different route and decided to go 64-bit instead. It’s a move that makes the iPhone 5s… Read more ›     

Hell Freezes Over, Intel Starts Making ARM Chips

Intel has been rumored for years to start building ARM chips. Now they actually are doing so, and will begin fabrication of 64-bit ARM processors in 2014, but not for Apple. According to Reuters, the x86-making fabrication giant will start…

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new-iMacApple has today announced a new iMac update which sees the latest fourth-generation Intel quad-core Haswell processors, new graphics, next-generation Wi-Fi, and faster PCIe flash storage options added to the popular all-in-one desktop. “iMac continues to be the example that proves how beautiful, fast and fun a desktop computer can be,†said Philip Schiller, Apple’s […]

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Intel Coughs Up New Details On ‘Thunderbolt 2′


Thunderbolt really hasn’t taken off yet, even though Apple’s included the the tech in Macs since 2011. Intel is still plowing through with new updates for Thunderbolt though, and the company revealed some new details about the next generation of Thunderbolt.

Intel has officially named its next-gen high-speed data port ‘Thunderbolt 2′ and it will double the speed of first-gen Thunderbolt by supporting 20Gbps directionally on one connection. On a company blog post, Intel  [Read More...]

mike-bell-intelIntel lost the opportunity to power the iPhone, but the company is hard at work to make sure they don’t get completely shut out of mobile hardware, and to do so they’re hiring some old Apple talent. To lead the charge in its plans to build “smart devices” Intel has hired former Apple Vice President, [...]

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Intel Chose To Not Power The Original iPhone


For years there have been rumors saying that Intel will make mobile processors for the iPhone, and we’ve explained why that won’t happen multiple times. It’s just too late for Intel in a world that is dominated by ARM.

The CEO of Intel stepped down today, and he has revealed a juicy factoid: Apple approached Intel to provide processors for the original iPhone some six years ago, and Intel said  [Read More...]


A lot has been said and rumored lately about whether or not Intel would ever start making ARM-based chips. Current Intel CEO Paul Otellini was against it, but Otellini is stepping down this month, so ultimately the question was: “What would Intel’s next CEO think about making some ARM chips for partners like Apple?”

Ultimately, how the next CEO of Intel would feel about that prospect came down to whether or not  [Read More...]


Although PC makers are feeling the pinch, Intel actually posted a surprisingly decent quarter yesterday. But Intel’s still feeling a big pinch from ARM, which is just showing explosive growth, shipping 35% more ARM-based chips (like, yes, Apple’s A-series SoCs) than it did a year ago.

According to financial results released Tuesday, ARM Holdings — the British semiconductor design company — has seen revenue shoot up 26% year-over-year to nearly $  [Read More...]


Even though Apple has included Thunderbolt ports on its Mac line since 2011, the technology hasn’t really taken off yet as a go-to connection for accessory makers. Despite that, Intel is making Thunderbolt even better by doubling its data-transfer rate.

This morning at NAB, Intel announced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface. The new Thunderbolt will clock in with 20 Gbps transfer-speeds in both directions and support 4k video.

If  [Read More...]


Intel and Apple, teaming up to make A-series chips for the iPhone and iPad? That’s what the rumors are saying, with a recent Reuters report going so far as to claim that executives from both companies have actually met to discuss the possibility of the x86 maker pumping out ARM chips custom designed by Apple!

“Intel Once Again Intel Once Again Rumored To Be Working On iOS Device Chips With Apple,” read  [Read More...]