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Your iPad 6 Might Be Powered By Intel [Rumor]

Over the last year Apple has been trying to cure itself of its dependency on Samsung, but that’s been pretty hard to do. Samsung makes Apple’s RAM, some displays, and is the sole supplier of processors for Apple’s mobile devices.

There has been speculation about where Apple might go to supplement or replace Samsung, and one of the top contenders Apple might turn to is Intel. According to a new rumor Apple is already  [Read More…]

Apple Looking To Drop Intel On The Mac For Its Own ARM-Based Processors [Rumor]

For years, the rumor mill has been saying that Apple is looking to ditch Intel’s processors in the Mac lineup. Since the rise of iOS, Apple’s own “A” series chips have powered products like the iPhone and the iPad. Apple is a company known for wanting complete control over every facet of product design, including the innards of its Macs.

Apple has partnered with Intel on the Mac for  [Read More…]

Intel Claims Ultrabooks Will Beat Out MacBook Air and iPad Sales

Two Intel representatives are claiming that the features, price point, and operating system of the Ultrabooks set to release in the near future will beat out Apples MacBook Air and iPad. Intel is claiming that the products coming from the companys Ultrabook initiative are not only more functional than Apples iPad but that they also represent a better value than the MacBook Air, for which the company currently supplies processors for. Both the product manager,  [Read More…]

The New Air-Like MacBook Pros Could Use Crummy Intel Graphics [Rumor]

This is pretty hard to believe, but if true, it could have a huge impact on the future audience of the MacBook Pro line: Apple could have dropped NVIDIA as the supplier of the next-gen MacBook Pros discrete GPUs, and will instead go with Intel integrated graphics. Huh?   According to SemiAccurate, Apple has ditched NVIDIAs next-gen Kepler graphic chips from a large number of its upcoming laptops. Supposedly, Apple  [Read More…]

Intel Looking to Make Thunderbolt Even Faster With PCI Express 3.0

According toIDG NewsIntel is working on moving its Thunderbolt I/O standard to the PCI-Express 3.0 protocol. Currently Intel and Apples I/O lovechild Thunderbolt is based on the PCI-Express 2.0 protocol. The move to PCI-Express could potentially double data transfer speeds over current implementations of Thunderbolt. Intel in the future will support the PCI-Express 3.0 protocol to shuttle data faster between host devices and peripherals, an Intel spokesman said in an email. Computers with Thunderbolt interconnect  [Read More…]

The iPad Is Cheap Compared to Some Future Windows 8 Intel Tablets

Credit goes to jdlasica for the image – Flickr. In the personal computer world, Windows PC’s are cheaper and more disposable than Macs. But could that change in the tablet world? Windows tablets are working towards using Intel processors inside to perform well and keep the portability. Currently, Apple’s iPad uses a much cheaper and efficient ARM chip which is great for portable conditions. Windows tablets, using the Intel processors will find that meeting a  [Read More…]

Intel Seeking to Incorporate New Medfield Chips in Apple’s iOS Devices

According to the folks over atThe Telegraph, Intel recently unveiled new Medfield chips in the iPhone. According to Dave Whalen, vice president of Intels architecture group, Intel has spoken to Apple (amongst other manufacturers) about using the new Medfield chips in iOS devices. It was clarified by Whalen that it isnt just the iOS platform the company is targeting. Although it is a possibility, it doesnt seem very likely for Apple to move to Intel  [Read More…]

Intel Talking to Apple But Is Anyone Listening?

Photo by Mike Turner – http://flic.kr/p/8SLd7p

Intel wants to be friends with Apple or more specifically, Apples hoard of cash. As the PC industry craters and mobile devices seem to be the future, the chipmaker wants the tech giant to buy its Medfield design. Although Intel if talking, is Apple listening? Its not like Intel has its hat in hand, but it certainly is button-holing participants at the CES  [Read More…]

Wall Street Analyst: Dont Buy Intel Stock, ARM Is Winning

Photo by Mike Turner – http://flic.kr/p/8SLd7p

Its hard living in a post-PC world, especially if youre chip giant Intel. A Wall Street analyst downgraded the company from Buy to Neutral after key PC makers signaled plans to adopt rival ARM not to mention the smartphones and tablets also throwing sand in Intels face.   Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rekesh said Intel faces several storms during 2012-2013. He expects major  [Read More…]

Intel Ready To Release Thunderbolt For PCs In 2012 [Rumor]

Intel has reportedly begun notifying PC makers that it will fully release its Thunderbolt technology in April of 2012. This means that companies like HP and Dell will be able to sell Thunderbolt-equipped notebooks and desktops. Apple and Intel partnered for the launch of Thunderbolt, and Apple has made the connection architecture standard for its notebooks and desktop computers, excluding the Mac Pro. It appears that Apple wont be the  [Read More…]