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Griffin IntelliCase For iPad Mini Is Slim, Simple & Stylish [Review]

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 17.48.31The Griffin IntelliCase for iPad mini is designed to provide you with all-over protection for your device without adding too much bulk and spoiling its sleek and sexy design. It combines a hard polycarbonate rear shell with a flexible, hinged cover that doubles as a stand for typing or watching movies, and its micro-textured surface […]

The post Griffin IntelliCase For iPad Mini Is Slim, Simple &  [Read More…]

Griffin IntelliCase for iPad 2: Maybe the Best iPad 2 Case Yet [Review]

I’ve been yearning for someone to get this right ever since I wrapped my hands around an iPad 2: the perfect marriage of Smart Cover and back protection for the iPad. Damned if Griffin hasn’t just nailed it with their new IntelliCase ($ 60).   The Good: It’s a case on a diet — in this case (yes, pun intended!), full protection for the iPad comes with a negligible weight and  [Read More…]

Griffin’s IntelliCase for iPad 2 Makes Apple’s Smart Cover Look Kinda Dumb

Smart Cover? IntelliCase? Yeah, there’s no product-naming rivalry going on there. And just like its name, Griffin’s IntelliCase, is a cooler version of Apple’s ubiquitous iPad 2 Smart Cover, because it adds something sorely missing from Apple’s version: a back. For $ 60 ($ 20 more than the Smart Cover), Griffin’s version, which ships today,  has the snazzy magnetic wake-on-opening trick and foldable stand brilliance, but turns into a folio  [Read More…]