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GoPro’s tiny new rival boasts interchangeable lenses

The E1 camera is so small, there is barely any room on the body for its two-character name. This is only a slight exaggeration for the slight camera with large ambitions and an impressive list of specs that could make…Read more ›

Apple Watch’s interchangeable band mechanism is now patented

One of the neat features of the Apple Watch is the ability to quickly and drastically change its appearance by sliding different straps on and off the body of the device. Achieved by way of a cunning three-contact mechanism, it’s undoubtedly a cool…Read more ›

PhotoProX Waterproof Case With Interchangeable Lenses [Review]

PhotoProX byOptrix Category: Cases/photography Works With: iPhone 5/S Price: $ 150 A waterproof case for your iPhone is more fun than you might think – especially one that is designed to fit onto any of a zillion different action mounts. And…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Nikon AW1, The Waterproof, Interchangeable Lens Camera

AW1_11_27-1.5_WH_frt34rThe Nikon AW1 might look look as awesome as the Nikonos, Nikon’s previous waterproof camera (pictured below), but it is the first interchangeable-lens camera I can remember since that iconic design that can be taken underwater without a housing. And having tried out underwater photography with an iPhone and a blurry-lensed case this summer, I […]

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New Apple Patent Shows Possibility of Interchangeable Camera Lenses for iPhone

A recent patent filing from Apple shows that the Cupertino California company is researching the idea of interchangeable lenses on the iPhone. While the chances of an idea such as this one coming to fruition are highly unlikely, it is interesting to see what kind of planning goes on behind the doors at Apple. The company realizes how popular photography is on their iOS devices, especially on the iPhone. Many consumers have replaced their digital  [Read More…]