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Apple plans to exploit low interest rates in Swiss franc bond sale

Apple is sitting on more cash than King Midas could dream of, but instead of bringing that money back to the U.S. to fund stock buybacks, Apple is reportedly looking to exploit Switzerland’s low interest rates with a Swiss Franc…Read more ›

It’s so September 2014: Teen interest in Apple Watch remains ‘tepid’

The iPad may be more popular than ever among young people, but according to one analyst that same level of excitement doesn’t carry over to the forthcoming Apple Watch. In a research note to clients, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster describes reaction…Read more ›

Smugglers claimed to have exhausted China’s iPhone 6 interest

Due to challenges receiving regulatory approval, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has yet to make it into China through official channels. That’s not enough to stop the New York Times running a story claiming that scalpers have already exhausted demand for Apple’s…Read more ›

Can ‘Dapper’ Interest You In This Embossed Paisley Wallet?

I don’t know who makes these rules, but apparently, “society” wants men to wear clothes. But how does one decide which clothes to wear? Dapper wants to help. It’s a shopping app that collects items from several different stores and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Even Nokia Is Fed Up With Microsoft’s Lack Of Interest In Windows Phone

Cracked-Nokia-Lumia-Windows-PhoneWindows Phone has been struggling to catch up to Android and iOS ever since its release in 2010, and most would put that down to its lack of apps, and Microsoft’s leisurely approach to adopting the latest technologies. And it’s not just us consumers that are becoming frustrated with this. Even Nokia, Microsoft’s biggest Windows Phone […]

The post Even Nokia Is Fed Up With Microsoft’s Lack Of Interest In Windows Phone  [Read More…]

Google+ Communities: A Better Way To Interact With Those Who Share A Common Interest

Google+ continues to evolve into one of the greatest social network/community platforms available (the best in my opinion). Many skeptics claimed it would become another failed Google project, constantly referring to it as a ghost town. If you’ve ever used Google+, then you already know what a crock those claims are, and in fact, Google+ is growing faster than ever.

According to Google: more than 500 million people have upgraded,  [Read More…]

Patent Confirms Apple’s Interest in iDevice Face Recognition Technology

For well over two years, one of the most persistent rumors in mobile technology was that Apple was pioneering a new form of facial recognition technology that would be implemented in one or more of its popular iDevices. To date, Apple has released no such features in the latest generation iPhones and iPads. But that doesn’t mean Apple won’t. And there’s evidence at the US Patent and Trademark Office to confirm the company’s prospective plans.  [Read More…]

Recently Awarded Patent Reveals Apple’s Interest in NFC Technology

There were several rumors regarding the possibility of Apples next smartphone featuring NFC technology in the months leading up to Apples iPhone announcement in the fall. Many competitors in the market have had the wireless payment technology for some years but it really only started to gain some traction recently. As you can all tell, the rumors were ended up being false, since there isnt any kind of NFC chipset in the iPhone 4S. This  [Read More…]

Fox Hoping iTunes Premiere Boosts Interest in New Girl Series


You could almost smell the desperation from the press release announcing the first ever premiere of a network television show on Apples iTunes. Fox, which usually keeps its first-run programming off iTunes, has released the pilot episode of New Girl, a series receiving lackluster reviews, as a free download on the service. Releasing the series pilot on iTunes, rather than requiring viewers wait until Foxs fall schedule, marks the first  [Read More…]