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Tim Cook: Apple isn’t interested in sharing your data

Tim Cook participated in a recent interview with NPR’s Robert Siegel, in which he reiterates Apple’s stance on user privacy, discusses what it would take for Apple to bring its overseas cash pile back into the U.S. — and comically avoids talking about the Apple Car. You can listen to it below. The privacy conversation comes days after Apple […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Interested In Purchasing Social Maps Company Waze [Rumor]

File under: rampant speculation. Apple Maps is pretty bad compared to Google Maps and they need to get it fixed in a hurry, by either chaining their engineers to their desks, or buying another company with enough talent to fix Scott Forstall’s biggest snafu.

There was a ridiculous rumor last month that Apple might acquire TomTom to fix Maps, and now the web has sprouted another crazy rumor that Apple  [Read More…]

China Isn’t Interested In The iPhone, But It Can’t Get Enough Of Android [Report]

Android’s market share continues to grow throughout the world, but one country where Google’s platform is having its biggest impact is in China. It’s now the largest single Android market in the world, with one third of all Android devices sold there during 2012. The iPhone, on the other hand, is struggling there.

According to new research from Informa Telecoms & Media, two in every three mobile phones sold in China  [Read More…]

AuthenTec Sells Off The Parts Of Its Business Apple Isn’t Interested In Buying

AuthenTec, the mobile security solutions company that was acquired by Apple back in July, has sold off its part of its business. The devision that supplies embedded security solutions and encryption algorithms to the likes of LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia has been acquired by NFC specialists Inside Secure for $ 48 million.

With this portion of the business now gone, it seems Apple’s interest must lie in the AuthenTec’s other  [Read More…]

Apple Does License Its Patents To Competing Companies, But Samsung Isnt Interested

Although it is widely believed that Apple refuses to license its patents to competing companies, it turns out thats a huge misconception. In fact, the company licenses a patent covering iOS touch-based scrolling to the likes of IBM and Nokia, and it offered the same deal to rival Samsung, who wasnt at all interested. If it had taken Apple up on the offer, however, it could have spared the Korean  [Read More…]

Awesome Stanza E-Reading App Is Dead And Amazon Doesnt Seem Interested In Bringing It Back

About twelve hours after iOS 5 was officially released, I went through the considerable bother of downgrading my iPad 2 back down to iOS 4.3. iOS 5 was a great update, but for me, it had one fatal problem: it broke my beloved Stanza e-reading app irrevocably, and going without Stanza on my iPad was as impossible to contemplate as living without Mail or Safari. For Stanza lovers, the situation  [Read More…]

Apple’s Interested in Wireless Electricity?

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was testing out a new way to charge future versions of the iPhone. An international patent application from Apple has a company called WiTricity caught in the middle of the speculation. WiTricity, which started in 2007, has garnered a lot of attention since their inception and even demoed their technology at a TED talk in 2009. Heck, Toyota has even invested in and collaborated with the company. The techonology utilizes the  [Read More…]