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‘Internal politics’ responsible for lack of iOS 8 Map updates

While iOS 8 has seen tons of improvements — from FaceTime call waiting to the ability to purchase iTunes content using Siri — there’s one area that hasn’t seen a major overhaul: Apple Maps. Although the new version of Maps…Read more ›

The iPhone 5c Is King Of Internal Storage. Is Samsung In Last Place?

When you buy a 16GB smartphone, you don’t actually get 16GB of space to install apps, music and other media. No matter what smartphone you buy, the operating system needs to be installed into memory, and that takes up valuable…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Watch An Apple Store Construction From Start To Finish In This Internal Apple Video

apple_sign_on_building_in_black_and_white-wide  Apple is well known for its gorgeous retail stores that draw impressive crowds on launch days, but the actual work that goes into the construction of each Apple Mecca is pretty impressive in its own right. An internal Apple video has been published on YouTube highlighting all the details that went into the construction […]

The post Watch An Apple Store Construction From Start To Finish In This Internal Apple  [Read More…]

Purported iPhone 5S Rear Shell Hints At A Number Of Internal Changes

iPhone-5S-Coque-908x775We expect the upcoming iPhone 5S to look a lot like the iPhone 5, so its biggest changes will all be internal. We’re likely to see a faster processor and better graphics, an improved camera, and if we’re really lucky, a fingerprint scanner. This purported iPhone 5S rear shell shows the changes Apple has made […]

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Apple’s Internal Nickname For iOS 7 Is The Same One Microsoft Uses For Windows 8


An iOS 7 concept that draws inspiration from the ‘Metro’ tile interface in Windows 8.

iOS 7 is clearly how Apple sees the future of mobile design. It’s a radical departure from anything the company has ever done before. The general aesthetic also feels a lot more like Android and even Windows Phone 8.

Whether it’s intentional or by pure coincidence, Apple’s internal nickname for iOS 7 happens to be the same  [Read More…]

How Samsungs Internal Firewall Keeps It From Sabotaging Its Manufacturing Relationship With Apple

Apple just laid a royal beat down on Samsung in the U.S. court system over patent infringement. You’d easily think that the two companies are huge enemies that would gladly rip out eachother’s hearts and drive over them with a steamroller.

Truth is, even though they’re enemies in the smartphone market, Apple needs Samsung’s components to build iPhones and iPads, and Samsung needs Apple to keep buying their parts to make  [Read More…]

Apple Confronts Samsung In Court About Internal Documents With Incriminating Titles

Apple went after Samsung today in the most direct and perhaps damaging interchange, yet, using Samsung’s own internal documents to prove Apple’s claim that Samsung’s practices go beyond mere competition and are truly copyright infringement.

Apple called Justin Denison, Samsung’s chief strategy officer, to the stand today. Attorney for Apple Bill Lee, after some preliminary questioning, went right for the jugular, directly calling out Samsung, and asking Denison point blank  [Read More…]

Stupid But Useful Mac Trick: Turn Off Internal MacBook Pro Screen With a Magnet

Using a magnet to turn off the internal MacBook Pro screen Weve shown you how to disable the internal display of a Mac laptop running OS X Lion or later with sleep or with the help of a command line trick, those are the recommended approaches but not everyone has gotten them to work on their Macs. An alternate and peculiar option left in our comments shows us how to turn  [Read More…]

Did Apple Inadvertently Launch Internal ‘GameStore’ iOS App Today?

Following a number of reader tips and subsequent blogosphere chatter, it appears that an internal testing application for iPhone in-app purchases called “GameStore” made its way to the App Store today. The $0.99 app, however, doesn’t do anything. That is, there’s no apparent functionality to the app that some believe was accidentally leaked and pushed to the App Store on Monday. What doesn’t make sense, naturally, is why the app – which clearly lists Apple  [Read More…]

Apples Internal Policies On Rumors, Internet Activity, And Code Of Conduct Revealed

9to5Mac has gotten its hands on Apples internal policies concerning employee behavior on the internet, rumors, leaks, and the companys code of conduct. Apple is pretty strict when it comes to monitoring its employees online activity, and the company operates by aHRCCC (honesty, respect, confidentially, community, compliance) strategy. Employees are not allowed to say anything directly about Apple in any  [Read More…]