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Apple could sell an updated iPhone 5s with better internals

There have been plenty of reports about a possible new 4-inch iPhone in the works. A new report, however, claims that the device is essentially an “iPhone 5s Mark II,” and even runs through the supposed internal components of the handset. Best of all, it’s reportedly ready for production and can be shipped any time […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iFixit teardown of Retina iMac reveals user upgradable RAM, familiar internals

The folks at iFixit have already gotten their hands on a new 27-inch Retina iMac, and their teardown reveals everything you need to know about the machine’s innards. Thanks to a rear access door, the RAM in the new iMac remains…Read more ›

Transparent iPhone 5 Wallpaper Gives You X-Ray Vision to See Internals

Transparent iPhone 5 wallpaper

Have you ever wished you had x-ray vision so you could peer right through the enclosure of your iPhone 5 to see the fancy hardware insides? Now you can pretend you’re Superman with the help of a snazzy transparent wallpaper pack from iFixIt, which shows you precisely what the internals of an iPhone 5 look like as if the icons and UI were just hovering over raw hardware.

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