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Apple’s Internal Policies On Rumors, Internet Activity, And Code Of Conduct Revealed

9to5Mac has gotten its hands on Apple’s internal policies concerning employee behavior on the internet, rumors, leaks, and the company’s code of conduct. Apple is pretty strict when it comes to monitoring its employees’ online activity, and the company operates by a HRCCC (honesty, respect, confidentially, community, compliance) strategy. Employees are not allowed to say anything directly about Apple in any  [Read More…]

Can I Use iTunes Home Sharing Across the Internet?

ITunes Home Sharing Internet iTunes Home Sharing has been around for a few years and is a handy way to access your media between devices. One reader wonders about trying to use this service while traveling: My setup is Apple based i.e. iPad/iphone/appletv2/airport extreme/imac. The iTunes Home Sharing works brilliantly. Is there a way by which I can retain the home sharing function remotely? In other words  [Read More…]

Internet Briefly Hit By Huge Outage Along U.S. East Coast

Photo by noii’s – http://flic.kr/p/4xG9eW

If you felt like your Internet connection briefly died early Monday morning, you were not alone. About 9 am Eastern (6 am PT) many cable Internet customers along the East Coast and stretching down to Texas lost online connections. The glitch hit “most of our service areas,” Time Warner Cable told Twitter users. The problem, now apparently resolved, also affected users of cable Internet provider  [Read More…]

Activate Private Internet Browsing For Safari In iOS 5 [iOS Tips]

For those of us that have something to hide, you’ll be happy to know that in iOS 5 Safari offers a private internet browsing mode. Once it is toggled on it prevents Safari from compiling a history of your browser activity. By default private internet browsing is turned off, but you can quickly turn it on and leave it on from within the Settings app. Here are the steps: Launch  [Read More…]

The Reason Why The World Isn’t Ready For Lion Internet Recoveries [Opinion]

Apple is pushing out more updates to computers released in 2011 to enable Lion Internet recovery. Initially this recovery feature was only available on the MacBook Air and Mac Mini when they made their debut in July.  Recently, however, Apple made it available on certain model MacBook notebooks and this week it was released for early 2011 iMacs like the one I purchased in June. I’ll be the first to admit that  [Read More…]

Apple Updates Early 2011 iMac EFI Firmware To Enable Lion Internet Recovery

Apple has released an update to the early 2011 iMac EFI firmware. The new update is labeled version 1.7 and it is available via software update. The update addresses the following issues:   This update enables Lion Recovery from an Internet connection and includes fixes that resolve issues with Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility and Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance on iMac (early 2011) models. For more information about Lion Recovery,  [Read More…]

iPad Leads iPhone in U.S. Internet Traffic

The iPad has become the favored device for slurping up media in the U.S., overtaking the iPhone in August, according to new figures from an Internet research firm. Apple’s iOS also is the overwhelming choice for U.S. media consumption with Android a distant second.   According to comScore, 46.8 percent of Internet traffic is via the iPad versus 42.6 percent for the iPhone. The report also confirms what most iOS users  [Read More…]

TruConnect Mobile Gives You Pay As You Go Internet on Your MacBook and iPad

In a world of heavy data consumption, TruConnect Mobile is partnering with Sprint to offer pay as you go internet for as little as $ 4.99/month. Instead of adopting a set in stone pricing structure like the carriers do for smartphone and tablet usage, TruConnect Mobile is offering a true ‘pay as you go’ internet service to subscribers. Customers will only pay for the data they use. “With TruConnect’s mobile Internet  [Read More…]

How To Ban Yourself From the Internet When You Need To Focus [50 Mac Essentials #41]

Self Control icon Self Control is a tiny little app for people who just don’t have any. Self control, that is.   The internet, as we all know, offers endless distractions to tempt us away from our work. But switching off internet access completely is perhaps a little too harsh. Not to mention counter-productive. After all, it’s very likely that you’ll need to go online in some form  [Read More…]

Lose Yourself In Retro Apple Tech News At Internet Archive

Compute magazine Fall 1979 I love the Internet Archive, it’s one of the best online projects there’s ever been. I knew it archived a lot of stuff, but until this week I had no idea that the collection included scanned magazines of old. Jason Scott, of textfiles.com fame, now works for the Archive and wrote a blog post about some of the latest additions – dozens of tech  [Read More…]