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Photography equipment can be expensive, but there are plenty of items lying around the house that can help you get your shots. Why buy a pin-hole camera made of fine hardwood when you can make one out of an oatmeal container? Designer Mattia Ciucciarelli wants to spare us the cost of an expensive tripod head […]

Selfie-obsessed driver slams into tree, injures all

Enough with the constant need to take photos of ourselves, ok? According to a report in the Bangor Daily News, 29-year-old Jordan Toner decided to lean in to a selfie taken by one of his seven passengers while driving along Deering Lake Road at about 1:30 pm this past Saturday. Needless to say, it turned […]

This post is brought to you by Aptonic Limited, maker of Dropzone. Drag-and-drop functionality — which lets us quickly and easily move files from place to place, into apps, onto websites — might be the most fundamental way we interact with our computers. That’s why we’re impressed by Dropzone: It’s basically an upgrade of good ol’ drag-and-drop for […]

New Walking Dead game will turn you into a f2p zombie

Hey, check it out — another free-to-play game with typical energy mechanics and city building aspects that will be familiar to anyone who’s played a similar build and battle game in the last year or so. Unlike the other games, however, this one is set in Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series. Titled The Walking […]

Microsoft app turns iPhone into 3D scanner

If you keep track of the ways the iPhone is a revolutionary tool, you can soon add 3D printing the growing list. A Microsoft research team has created an app that turns any smartphone camera into a 3D scanner without the need for extra hardware. The MobileFusion app could open the world to 3D printing, […]

Home automation, specifically Apple’s HomeKit framework and its compatible accessories, is the latest Thing We’re Supposed to Get Excited Aboutâ„¢. And it has a lot of promise for convenience, time-saving, and just generally feeling like you live in the future. The first HomeKit-compatible smartplug is upon us, courtesy of iHome. The ISP5 SmartPlug is a […]

We’re long past the bad old days when we had to actually plug in headphones into our mp3 players and phones. How primitive. A sign of just how far we’ve come can be found in the Jarv Nmotion Pro Bluetooth earbuds, representing the high functionality, lasting power, and just-plain-cool factor that represents a pinnacle in wireless headphone […]

We love our photo app filters, especially the ones that have the look and quality of a classic camera film. Now these filters will never replicate the rich tonality and texture of film, but given the cost and hassles of using it, the average person probably feels they’re not missing much. Deepak Mantena believes, yes, […]

Apple might try to turn your car into a cockpit

Apple is looking to bring fighter-jet technology to your car’s dashboard, according to a new report that claims the iPhone-maker is working on a 27-inch to 50-inch heads up display for automobiles that will be completely controlled by gestures. The heads-up display would be used to project vivid icons and other information for drivers for while […]

Loyal iPhone fans will argue iOS is much better than Android, but many have never even used Google’s platform. That’s proven in the hilarious video below, in which Apple fanboys are fooled into thinking Lollipop running on an iPhone is the iOS 9 update that’s coming this fall. The guys behind YouTube channel Dit Is […]