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Face it, we’ve all imagined ourselves in the hot seat of a TIE fighter or X-wing at some point. With this hot new fan-made anime, you can finally get your tour of a galaxy far, far away from the perspective… Read more ›

Getting your game featured by Apple is the best way to jumpstart your indie game success. Sometimes, even games that seem rather basic at first glance can become powerhouses. Mr. Jump is seeing some phenomenal success with five million downloads… Read more ›

Twitter injects autoplaying video ads into iOS app

Twitter is looking to take a swipe at YouTube’s viral video crown by adding a new feature that will automatically play videos in your timeline. Starting today, some Twitter users in the U.S. on iPhone and iPad may see videos… Read more ›

Apple is diving into music streaming at the right time

Apple is preparing a complete revamp of Beats Music that will directly integrate the streaming service into all of its products. The timing could not be more perfect, because streaming subscriptions like Spotify have finally overtaken CD sales. Sales from… Read more ›

Cameras and sensors assist us with backing up, parallel parking and eliminating blind spots, but technology that makes sure drivers don’t nod off still hasn’t found traction. Australian company Seeing Machines wants to change that with its dashboard device that… Read more ›

Turn your iPhone into a microscope for $10

Taking macros of your monitor or American Apparel hoodie with your iPhone is so last year. A Make Magazine tutorial shows you how to make a powerful microscope with up to 375x magnification using just your iPhone, a clear plastic… Read more ›

Samsung runs into another display dilemma with S6 Edge

Can poor old Samsung catch a break? After a tough period during which its mobile business was squeezed to an inch of its life, Samsung finally has two promising smartphones – the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge — which are… Read more ›

Aside from the gorgeous new 12-inch MacBook Air, the part of today’s Apple keynote that excited me the most was the announcement of what Apple is calling ResearchKit, a new open-source iOS software framework designed to crowdsource volunteers for medical research… Read more ›

Power Rangers morph into a dark, R-rated fan film

What happens to a bunch of weaponized high school kids recruited to fight intergalactic bad guys? They become some seriously disturbed adults. That’s the message in this stylish, high-concept fan film that reboots the popular live-action television show for kids… Read more ›

Google is stepping up its game in the mobile payments space this year by striking a deal with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile to pre-install Google Wallet on all Android phones. The move comes after Apple Pay has started to take… Read more ›