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Good vibrations: KOR-FX vest puts you into the game

LOS ANGELES — Drop this tactical-style vest onto your shoulders and fasten it high on your chest, and you’re suddenly feeling the action. Using audio-based haptic technology (the kind of rumbling vibrations that you’ll find in any video gaming controller),… Read more ›

Angry Birds Epic RPG flies into the App Store

Rovio has officially launched its latest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Epic, for iOS devices worldwide. Unlike previous Angry Birds sequels which have flapped their wings since the original game flew into the App Store back in 2009, Angry Birds Epic takes… Read more ›

Amazon integrates Audible into Kindle for Android and iOS

  Amazon today introduced Whispersync for Voice to its Kindle apps for Android and iOS, allowing users to switch between reading and listening inside just one app. The feature combines Kindle ebooks with their companion Audible titles using Amazon’s one-click… Read more ›

State of the Hackintosh 2014: A peek into a shadowy subculture of Apple fans

These are the computers Apple never built, and never will — a water-cooled Cube; a teeny-tiny G5; a faux Mac Pro in a trash can. Oh wait. Apple did the trash can, but not a genuine rubbish bin with a… Read more ›

Dance Party will transform your iPhone and Apple TV into a Nintendo Wii

Last week’s WWDC demonstrated how Apple devices can communicate with one another to make life easier for users. Well, the same holds true for games which can take advantage of the interactivity between, say, the built-in motion sensors of an… Read more ›

See Hyper’s “iStick” Kickstart into action

We originally covered Hyper’s “iStick” back in May, since then the Kickstarter past it’s original goal of $ 100,000 in just 3 hours and is currently racing towards $ 1,000,000 with only 8 days left. With so much interest in the iStick,… Read more ›

Virtual reality is going to make everyone sick — including companies that dump billions into it

When my kids and I walked into a coffee shop one sunny day last month, we were greeted by a row of tables holding laptops with gaming demos. My son gravitated toward the biggest display, a huge TV screen with… Read more ›

Spider-Man Unlimited will swing into the App Store this year

Gameloft’s previous Spider-Man games have been pretty fun, even if they’ve also been plagued by enough in-app purchases to well and truly set off our spider-sense (or, at least, overdraft fee alerts). With E3 coming up next week, Gameloft and… Read more ›

How minimalist puzzler Blek turned two brothers into millionaires

Brothers Denis and Davor Mikan make it look easy. They created a memorable and graphically beautiful puzzler called Blek that rocketed to the top of the paid game chart in the iOS App Store, making them millions in the process.… Read more ›

Caption contest: Tim Cook walks into an AppleCare center in Texas…

Imagine calling into AppleCare, pissed off that your iPad’s display is freezing, again. You’re ready to obliterate the schmucks at the call center with a hadouken ball of fury, but when the line is finally answered, you’re disarmed by the sweet southern charm of Apple’s… Read more ›