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App Turns Your Phone Into a 3D Scanner [Video]

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 To Get 1080p Video Out, Will Turn iPad 2 Into Console [Video]

Remember the date folks – today is the day Apple (and Firemint) changed the video gaming world.

In a video posted to the company’s blog, Firemint has showed off a new update that is coming to its popular iPad game, Real Racing 2 HD. Said update brings the ability to take the Digital AV cable, plug it into your shiny new iPad 2, and play take your racing to the big screen.

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Investigation into Gizmodo iPhone 4 Case Almost Finished

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Not only did the investigation into the Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak last well past the actual launch of the iPhone 4, it’s come pretty close to lasting until the release of the iPhone 5. But word broke late this week that the seemingly unending investigation into what really happened with the iPhone 4 leak may finally be drawing to a close. San Mateo, California district attorney Stephen  [Read More…]