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Get introduced to the headphones that need no introduction [Deals]

Beats, like their creator Dr. Dre, have become synonymous with big sounds and big personality. They’re also known for coming at a premium price, which has kept a lot of people from properly pleasing their ears with Beats’ premium sound. Right now you can get in on the fun with a set of white refurbished, […]

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What if Steve Jobs had introduced the Apple Watch?

According to Jony Ive, the Apple Watch project was first touted shortly after Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. But what would it have been like had Apple’s legendary co-founder lived to see the arrival of Apple’s debut into the…Read more ›

Meet the 8 new Apple + IBM enterprise apps introduced today

Apple’s partnership with IBM has birthed eight new enterprise apps that the companies announced today on Apple’s Business apps page. The new MobileFirst apps focus mostly on healthcare by providing hospital techs and nurses new methods to access patients records,…Read more ›

Flint Center’s website hasn’t been updated since Steve Jobs introduced the iMac

Apple’s decision to host its biggest event of the year at the Flint Center in Cupertino, rather than the Yerba Buena center for the arts in San Francisco, has caught the notice of many Apple fans. Only three Apple events…Read more ›

The Really Cheap iPhone Apple Should Have Introduced Today [Video]

Ok, so the iPhone 5C isn’t really as cheap as everyone was hoping for, but hey, it’s got some really cool ugly rubber cases to protect that $549 plastic iPhone. Wall Street hasn’t been too stoked about the iPhone 5c’s price either, but maybe if Apple introduced the iPhone 5F – with Snake! – that […]

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What Clark Griswolds House Would Look Like Had He Been Introduced To Angry Birds [Video]

Some peoples affinity for Angry Birds goes way beyond that of normal standards, as well as some peoples love for Christmas lights (Clark Griswold). The person who made this video seems to suffer from both. Introducing the Angry Birds Christmas light game. One talented (borderline insane) individual created an amazing Christmas light spectacle featuring the insanely popular and overly marketed Angry Birds franchise. I cant even imagine the sheer time and  [Read More…]