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FTC investigates Apple Music for anti-competitive practices

Apple’s new streaming music service is coming under fire from the FTC for possible anti-competitive practices. The recently launched Apple Music costs $ 9.99 per subscription (or $ 14.99 for an up-to-six-person family plan), with the first three months free. Competing services…Read more ›

Daily Show ‘investigates’ why people hate Google Glassholes

Google Glass “explorers” have not integrated well into society. There have been bar fights, street fights and subway nightmares thanks to the awkward face computers unleashed by Google, but Sarah Slocum and a group of Glassholes are convinced they’ve been…Read more ›

PostSecret Pulls iPhone App After FBI Investigates Threatening Content

PostSecret has been around since the earliest days of the Internet. The online collaborative art project allows people to anonymously submit secrets on postcards to share online. Multiple PostSecret books have been made from the submission, but while the site has flourished on the web, it appears it was too hot for the App Store, as PostSecret founder Frank Warren has said that they will be pulling the PostScret app  [Read More…]