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Apple reportedly planning investor call for third ever bond sale

Apple is reportedly planning an investor call for later today ahead of a possible bond sale, according to The Wall Street Journal.  This would be the third bond sale in the company’s history, and may be the first in which…Read more ›

Bullish investor Carl Icahn promises open letter to Tim Cook tomorrow

Bullish activist-investor Carl Icahn is back again! In a tweet sent earlier today, Icahn noted that he plans to send Tim Cook an open letter tomorrow. The contents of this letter are unknown, but Icahn promises it will be “interesting,” to…Read more ›

Apple’s Investor Relations minisite gets long overdue makeover

On the back of the most eventful WWDC keynote in recent memory, and Eddy Cue claiming that Apple has its most exciting product pipeline in 25 years, there have been few better times to invest in AAPL shares. With that…Read more ›

Investor Pressures Nintendo To Start Making iPhone & iPad Games

This week, Oasis Management founder Seth Fischer sent a letter to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, once again demanding that the House That Mario Built release games for the iPhone, iPad and other mobiel platforms. “The same people who spent hours…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Carl Icahn Is A “Johnny Come Lately” Says Apple Investor

Would Carl Icahn’s memoirs be titled “How To Lose Friends And Influence People”? It’s no secret that activist investor Icahn has been proving divisive in recent months: spearheading a campaign to get Apple to carry out a $ 150 billion stock…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Investor Dumps Apple Stock Because Steve Jobs Was A ‘Really Awful’ Person

File this one under, “huh?” CNBC reported Monday that billionaire hedge-fund investor Julian Robertson sold all of his shares in Apple because he’d recently read a biography of founder Steve Jobs, and found the former CEO of Apple to be a “really awful person.” Robertson admits that the stock did very well for him, but […]

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RIM Board May Fire Co-CEOs Amid Investor Revolt

BlackBerry Playbook

Image used under CC license from Flickr user: estilopda

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion often seems to have two left feet when it comes to management. Now, after becoming a serial failure, the company is considering removing its biggest roadblock: RIMs co-CEOs. But can it quiet a months-long investor revolt? According to the Financial Times, a panel considering ways to change RIM management is poised to replace Co-CEOs Jim  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Was A Flakey Joker According To Early Silicon Valley Investor [Letters of Note]

These days, Steve Jobss business acumen is legendary, but it wasnt always that way. In fact, when Steve first went on a fund-raising expedition to get money for the original Apple I in natal Silicon Valley, he was described as a secretive joker who couldnt trust anyone and had a flakey partnership with Steve Wozniak.   The letter was written by Mike Rose, who back in 1976 ran an advertising  [Read More…]

Early Investor Reaction To Steve Jobs Death Mixed: Apple Risks Becoming An Ordinary Company Without Him.

Photo by Craig S – http://flic.kr/p/4qVSGp

Reaction on Wall Street and elsewhere to the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Wednesday night is mixed. Analysts appear to be walking a fine line between reassuring worried investors and discounting the contribution Jobs made to the tech giant.   High profile Apple watcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray stressed CEO Tim Cook would continue the tradition set by the iconic Apple leader. While  [Read More…]