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Slash might be iOS’s most powerful keyboard, and it’s free

I’m not usually a big fan of most third-party iOS keyboards, because they’re often clumsy, and perform worse than iOS’s default keyboard. But I like Slash Keyboard. It’s fast, it’s accurate, and it basically allows you to search for and insert nearly anything on the web – GIFs, stickers, YouTube videos, Foursquare locations, you name […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Drafts, iOS’s best note-taking app, will be even better on the Apple Watch

Agile Tortoise’s Drafts is, without a doubt, the single best note-taking app on the iOS App Store. It’s not only the easiest app to jump right into and start typing before you lose your train of thought, it’s the easiest…Read more ›

Apple relents, restores Transmit for iOS’s ‘Send To’ feature

On Monday, we reported that Apple has yanked Transmit from the App Store over a weird iCloud Drive rule. The app, from beloved Mac and iOS developer Panic, allowed you to upload content from iCloud Drive, which is seemingly obvious…Read more ›

How Apple Borrowed iOS’s Hamburger Icon From Xerox PARC

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs was inspired by the incredible work Xerox was doing over at PARC Labs when he came up with the Mac: he borrowed the computer mouse, the desktop, and even the Macintosh business plan from…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Buy A Replica Of The Classic Braun Calculator That Inspired iOS’s Calculator App


We’ve talked before about all of the Braun products that have inspired Apple’s designs. Perhaps the best known is the Braun ET66 pocket calculator, first released in 1987 replacing the earlier ET22 model which inspired iOS’s own calculator app and has become a Dieter Rams design classic.

Outside of inside your iPhone, it’s hard to find a working ET66 these days, which is why it’s so great that Braun intends on  [Read More…]

iOS’s Best Podcast App, Instacast, Is Now Available On Mac

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.48.27 AM

Although I’m still stuck on the old version, Instacast by developer Vemedio is my go-to podcast manager on the iPhone and iPad… but on the Mac, I’m still using iTunes like a sucker. But hey, what’s this pretty shiny thing? Instacast Beta for Mac? GIMME.

I haven’t done much playing around with it, but the Instacast Beta for Mac is up to the standard you’d  [Read More…]

Auxo Developer Reinvents iOS’s Do Not Disturb Feature In New Concept


Sentry, a designer famous for the awesome Auxo tweak that overhauls the multitasking tray on jailbroken iOS devices, has today published a new concept that reinvents the Do Not Disturb feature that Apple introduced to iOS 6. He doesn’t change the feature itself, he just changes the way it’s activated to make it super quick and simple.

Sentry believes Do Not Disturb should be part of Notification Center, and that a simple pull-to-refresh  [Read More…]