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This week: why we might be in for big iPad upgrades this year; our expectations for the iPhone 6C; the one feature we hope iPhone 6S will get (but probably won’t); Woz is worried about Skynet again; and… is Apple building a machine for time travel? You’ll have to press play to find out… Our […]

iSperm for iPad wants to help you make a baby

From predicting potential heart attacks to helping dementia sufferers, we’ve gotten used to the idea that our Apple devices have a part to play in what is referred to as the mobile health drive. But here’s a medical application you might… Read more ›

Everyone writing about the supposed failure of the Apple Watch may want to check out analyst Ben Bajarin’s latest reporting — suggesting that the Apple Watch has a massive 97 percent satisfaction rate among early adopters. For those keeping track at home,… Read more ›

Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy Tab S2 is here to take on the iPad Air, and it hopes to turn your head with an ultra-slim form factor that measures just 5.6mm thick — half a millimeter thinner than Apple’s latest device. It… Read more ›

Apple may drop iPad Air 3 to focus on iPad Pro in 2015

We’ve been reporting plenty about the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but so far there’s been next to nothing about the next-generation iPad Air, which most people are expecting this fall alongside a new iPad mini. According to a new report,… Read more ›

Phenomenal survival game, This War of Mine, is now available on your iPad (and select Android tablets). The team did a fantastic job of creating the atmosphere of war from the perspective of the civilian’s caught up in it. The… Read more ›

Apple has no problem placing massive orders for its upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus units, but according to a new report the company is treading a bit more carefully when it comes to orders for the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad… Read more ›

The iPad was once the future of computing. When it was launched in 2010, we all thought we were not going to be using desktop machine and laptops anymore. But sales have been flat and declining for the last couple… Read more ›

Steve Jobs may have been adamant that the iPad would never ship with a stylus, but more and more evidence is mounting that the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro will do exactly that. Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published… Read more ›

Samsung is already working on its iPad Pro competitor

  Apple will announce a larger “iPad Pro†later this year, according to countless reports, and Samsung is already preparing its Android-powered competitor. The device is likely to be a larger addition to the flagship Galaxy Tab S family. Samsung was this… Read more ›