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These cute penguins love playing iPad games

We all know that cats love playing with iPads. It turns out they’re not the only ones: the penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California love playing with iPads so much it can help them get… Read more ›

Cerebral dystopian chiller Papers, Please is now available on iPad

As promised — and after a tiny storm of controversy over Apple’s initial rejection of the app over so-called pornographic content — the award-winning dystopian document thriller Papers, Please is now available for iOS. Created by developer Lucas Pope, Papers,… Read more ›

LTE-equipped iPad Air 2’s and iPad mini 3’s are coming to China this week

If you happen to be one of our few Chinese readers, good news! Apple has just announced that LTE-equipped versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 will be coming to China later this week! Here’s the official… Read more ›

iPad heir: Prince William tells of son’s tablet love

President Obama’s not the only world leader to be a big iPad fan. According to a new report, Apple’s tablet also has a devotee in the world’s most famous royal toddler and future King of England, Prince George. The revelation… Read more ›

Papers, Please is coming to the iPad on Friday

When it comes to video games that will make you think, few games are as cerebral as the “dystopian document thriller” Papers Please, a Mac game first released in 2013 that casts the player as a passport inspector at a… Read more ›

How to keep those annoying phone calls off your iPad or Mac

I love the idea of being able to answer a phone call on my Mac, or even on my iPad. The convergence of this communication technology seems like it has great potential. In reality, though, I end up getting three… Read more ›

iPad Air 2’s versatility is the focus of Apple’s new ‘Change’ ad

Over the weekend, Apple debuted its latest ad for the iPad Air 2, named “Change.” As with all of the ads in Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign for the first generation iPad Air, the upbeat “Change” demonstrates the flexibility of the iPad… Read more ›

British politician uses iPad to play Candy Crush during debate

A British politician has owned up to sneaking a quick game of Candy Crush Saga during a particularly dull parliamentary debate. Nigel Mills, a Conservative MP for Amber Valley in the U.K., was photographed getting his Crush on during a… Read more ›

How to Permanently Remove a Photo from iPad & iPhone Instantly

A side effect of iOS including an extraordinarily convenient way to easily recover deleted photos is that pictures are not completely removed from an iPhone or iPad immediately, at least unless the user takes specific action to delete a picture permanently. That’s what we’re going to cover here, so that if you have a photo … Read More

iPad Air 2 Commercial “Change is in the Air” Now Running

Apple is running new TV commercials for the iPad Air 2, the spots are called “Change is in the Air” and it appears there are at least two variations of the same commercial, one of which is embedded below. Each ad features a wide variety of people using the iPad Air for many different purposes, … Read More