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Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft’s iPad-Killer Is A Flop

The man, the myth, the sweaty legend: Steve BallmerIt’s been no secret that Microsoft’s would-be iPad-killer has been a complete disappointment, but now its ever-optimistic CEO, Steve Ballmer, is admitting to employees that the Surface is a flop. Ballmer held a ‘rally the troops’ event on Microsoft campus yesterday where they go over the company’s quarterly earnings and boost morale, but according to […]

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Microsoft’s iPad-Killer Lost The Company $900 Million Last Quarter

microsoftsurfaceproishereRemember when Microsoft unveiled the Surface RT last year and people said it totally makes the iPad and the MacBook Air obsolete? So far the Surface RT has been anything but an iPad-killer and according to Microsoft’s latest earnings, it’s losing them a shit ton of money too. Microsoft’s financial results for Q4 2013 show that […]

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