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When Apple unveiled the iPad Air back in October, they curiously decided to keep the iPad 2 around for another generation at a $ 399 price point… the exact same price as an entry-level iPad mini with Retina Display. In theory,… Read more ›     

The Los Angeles Board of Education has voted to continue its efforts to provide every student and teacher in the L.A. Unified school district with a computer by approving a new $ 115-million proposal to distribute iPads to 38 more campuses.… Read more ›     

The iOS 7 jailbreak was released last Sunday, but it was a messy release that had a lot of bugs and compatibility issues. We warned everyone to wait at the time. Today the last major issue with the jailbreak was… Read more ›     

Larger iPads and iPhones Coming In 2014 [Rumor]

Call it a stocking filler if you want, but Digitimes has one last (?) rumor to take us out of 2013: that Apple is planning to release a 12.9-inch tablet in October 2014, aimed at the North American educational market.… Read more ›     

These PopSockets are pretty neat. They’re flat circular buttons that pop out, accordion-style, to make little rubbery cones on the back of your iPhone, iPad or other handheld device. They aid grip, work as basic kickstands and offer a place… Read more ›     

Nothing makes a better gift than an iPhone, but if money’s an issue this Christmas, consider going to T-Mobile. Just in time for the holidays, T-Mobile is dropping the upfront price of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c to just… Read more ›     

While Android may be running away with the lion’s share of the smartphone market, there’s still no doubt about what rules the roost when it comes to tablets. New data from InfoScout reveals that roughly 40% of iPads sold on… Read more ›     

Procreate, the illustration/design iPad app that won Savage Interactive a 2013 Apple Design Award, received a major update today. Not only has the app been redesigned for iOS 7, but it has also been optimized for the 64-bit A7 processor in… Read more ›     

Apple has the exclusive license to liquidmetal, prompting all sorts of speculation that we would sooner or later see liquid metal iPhones, iPads and Macs. Despite this, so far, we’ve only seen Apple release one “product” using liquidmetal: the iPhone… Read more ›     

Apple and a 12.9-inch iPad; the first iOS 7 game controller is long overdue; Retina iPad Minis are almost perfect; strategies to backup all those iPhone photos you take; and Adam Christianson from the Maccast podcast joins us on this… Read more ›