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iOS 4.3 To Bring Photo Streaming And Social Features To iPhone

Even though it has been just a few days since iOS 4.3 Beta 2 was released to developers, people have been able to find a bunch of unreleased features deep inside the iOS 4.3 file system. It started with the revelation of the camera centric features slated to arrive on the iPad 2 and has […] iPhone Hacks iOS 4.3, iPhone 4.3

iOS 4.3 Multitasking Gestures Demoed On The iPhone

Some of our readers were disappointed to find out that the new four- and five-finger multitouch gestures for iPad that were first noticed in iOS 4.3 beta will not be enabled for customers in iOS 4.3, based on the clarification issued by Apple in iOS 4.3 beta 2 release notes. The new multitouch gestures had […] iPhone Hacks iOS 4.3, iPhone 4.3