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Sony hopes to save Xperia with iPhone-like annual refreshes

Unlike every other major smartphone company, Apple launches new flagship iPhones just once a year, meaning that whenever a customer buys a new iPhone around release time they can rest safe in the knowledge that their device is going to remain…Read more ›

MagFilters: iPhone-Like Magnetic Filters For Compact Cameras

MagFilters are — surprise! — filters for your compact camera which are attached to the lens by magnets. Unlike SLRs and other interchangeable-lens cameras, compacts lack the interior thread on their lens which lets you attach these light modifiers, so MagFilters take a leaf out of the iPhoneographers book instead.

Buy a kit and you get a ring and a filter. Just like the magnetic donuts for iPhones and iPads, the ring has an  [Read More…]

Lion to Include iPhone-like Find My Mac Feature

Click the image to open in full size. Find My iPhone has saved quite a few iDevices since it was introduced as part of Apple?s revamped MobileMe service back in June of 2009. Since then, authorities have actually apprehended quite a few would-be iPhone snatchers through the use of this ingenious service. Now it seems that the Mac is destined to get its own version of this service dubbed, Find My Mac. It is  [Read More…]