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I’m constantly checking out new photography apps for the iPhone, and like many out there, my favorite remains VSCO Cam. There’s a new contender on the scene that was released this week, and it’s definitely worth trying if you like… Read more ›

Review roundup: Best waterproof iPhoneography cases

This week we check out the best iPhone cases for using underwater. And seeing as the only reason to take an iPhone underwater is to snap pictures, we’re looking specifically at the camera capabilities. The Candidates The Survivor+Catalyst from Griffin… Read more ›

Why iPhoneography accessories are sort of a waste of time

One December years ago, in London’s Piccadilly Circus, a Santa Claus sat in a pavement cafe eating lunch with an elf. Santa had a pint of beer in from of him. I raised my old film SLR, which was prefocused… Read more ›

The iPhone has become a vehicle for not just texting and calling but also for social media and taking tons of pictures. And you certainly don’t need a Hollywood budget to make Hollywood-quality movies anymore. There are plenty of us… Read more ›     

Pixite’s fantastic Tangent app gets a big update with v1.5, adding in a new “Urban Decay” pack that lets you point your iPhone camera at a building and have it crumble into rubble and dust, and then snap pictures as… Read more ›     

FLTR, An iPhone-Only iPhoneography Magazine

When I was in high school, I got the jump on all the other photography students because my dad bought weekly and monthly photography magazines that he passed on to me when he was done. I learned a ton about… Read more ›     

  I love Cyber Monday, but not for the reasons you think: I don’t give gifts, not do I buy yet more crap to fill my apartment. I love it because it’s the only place that the word “cyber†can… Read more ›     

How good is the iPhone 5s camera? Good enough for National Geographic. And Apple’s own Phil Schiller is getting braggy about it on Twitter. National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been wandering around the picturesque Scottish highlands for a feature, and instead of shooting pictures with a pro-caliber Nikon, he has instead been doing it […]

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Grain, light leaks, color shifts, low contrast caused by lens flare – these are all familiar Instagrammatical filters which mimic the limits of film. And ironically, they were all considered Bad Things when people actually shot with film. Now we try to avoid digital noise just as we add back fake analog noise (grain). But […]

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Triggertrap has released a new dongle that lets you fire real camera flashes using your iPhone. This brings you into the realm of high-speed photography — the kind where people shoot bullets through balloons of water and capture the image. Previously, Triggertrap was a remote that would let you fire your camera using your iPhone […]

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