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Popular messaging app blocked in Iran after creator refuses to turn spy

The maker of Telegram, a popular messaging app, has had his creation blocked in Iran on the grounds that he refused to help authorities to spy on their own citizens. Creator Pavel Durov said that Iran’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology asked him to provide them with “spying and censorship tools” for the service. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Iran could be big new market for Apple products

The United States and Iran finally signed an official agreement today after 20 months of negotiations, and according to a new report, Apple is already looking to move in. Apple has been in touch with potential Iranian distributors, reports the…Read more ›

Apple plans to drill for iPhone sales in Iran

With China, India and Korea all representing growing markets, Apple’s expanding into more countries than ever here in 2014. One place you’d be forgiven for not expecting Tim Cook and co. to show up in, however, is Iran. It seems…Read more ›

Apple No Longer Banned From Selling Products That Are Brought Into Iran

RadanMac is one of the many stores in the Iranian capital that unofficially sells Apple products openly.Apple is now free to sell its products to customers who plan to bring them to Iran, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Treasury Department has loosened its trade sanctions on Iran, but Apple is still not permitted to sell directly within the country or to its government officials.  [Read More…]

This Stolen MacBook Now Broadcasts All The Secrets From Its Thieves In Iran



At one point in time, Dom had a beautiful MacBook and iPad that he loved very very much. Then one day, when Dom was out having some fun, thieves broke into his London flat and stole his MacBook and iPad. Assholes.

After calling the police and trying to recover his stolen MacBook and iPad, Dom remembered he had Hidden App installed on the MacBook. And one month later, when the MacBook finally got  [Read More…]

iDevices Popular in Iran, Where They Aren’t Legally Sold

Just how popular are iPhones and iPads? They’re even big sellers in places where they aren’t legally sold. According to a new report published Friday, more than one hundred retail outlets in the nation of Iran – where strict U.S. sanctions prohibit U.S. computer products from entering the country – now sell iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even Apple computers out in the open. In fact, many of these stores blatantly and gratuitously advertise the availability  [Read More…]