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Use your smartphone on the road safely with The iStabilizer Glass Mount [Deals]

We often find ourselves needing to use our phones while driving. Maybe it’s because we want to use the phone’s GPS function, or maybe take a call. Whatever the reason, though, we should not be fumbling about with our phones… Read more ›

Ending soon – great deals on gear like Doxie, Duracell, iStabilizer [Deals]

Doxie One: Scan Documents Anywhere, Anytime (US) With Doxie One, it’s easy to go to paperless. You can scan everything from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, recipes, notes, business cards, photos, and everything else. Plus, no computer is required,… Read more ›

Turn your iPhone into a movie making machine with the iStabilizer Dolly [Deals]

Like most, you probably capture all of your life’s significant moments by taking video with your smartphone. Likely, the majority of those shots end up being riddled with bumps and shakes that render the subject of your video a blurry… Read more ›

Friday Deals: Adobe Certified Training Bundle, Prizmo Pro, and iStabilizer [Deals]

As we head into the weekend, Cult of Mac Deals has a slew of offers worth exploring…especially for those designers out there that want to take their Adobe know-how to new heights. The Adobe Certified Training Bundle puts you in… Read more ›

The Kogeto Dot And iStabilizer: A 360° iPhone Lens To Record The World Around You [Deals]

360 degree video – like the experiential imagery you see in Google StreetView – is an exceptional way to share one-of-a-kind experiences. And now it’s possible on your iPhone with this latest offer from Cult of Mac Deals. With the… Read more ›     

Fix Your Shaky iPhone Videos With The iStabilizer Dolly [CES 2013]

rollmountiphone CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – When I shoot video with my iPhone it usually looks like a rehabbing crack addict shot it. I get the shakes and the video becomes a wonky mess as everything starts blurring together.

If you want to shoot better video with your iPhone, there’s a new product we found at CES today that will make you look  [Read More…]

iStabilizer Glass Sucks Your iPhone Onto Your Windshield


I remain firmly of the opinion that a driver should drive, and not sip coffee, or listen to the radio, or text his lover, or use cruise-control. As a cyclist, I rely on the pilots of these road-going behemoths to pay attention to the road in order for me to remain alive.

So I have mixed feelings about a gadget which puts a cellphone within such easy reach.The gadget is the iStabilizer Glass, and it is a  [Read More…]

The iStabilizer Monopod Grips Your iPhone Tight [Review]


The iStabilizer is a combination monopod and camera/phone tripod adapter. It’s light, it’s sturdy, it’s mostly aluminum, and it’s pretty much ideal for occasional use. And it has one fantastic function which will probably get you arrested.



The iStabilizer comes in two parts. The first is a steel jaw which clamps your phone between its rubber-lined jaws. This is my favorite tripod adapter so  [Read More…]