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Funny Or Die’s ‘iSteve’ Movie Now Available For Free Online

Justin Long Steve Jobs

You’ll have to think pretty different to enjoy this movie.

The time has come. Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs mockumentary featuring Justin Long has arrived. iSteve is available for streaming in non-Apple-friendly-Flash on Funny or Die’s website. The “biopic” lasts about 80 minutes.

Warning: It is not as hilarious as we thought it might be. In fact, it’s pretty bad. It’s also historically inaccurate in many, many ways. I  [Read More…]

Funny Or Die’s “iSteve” Movie Looks Like A Hilariously Inaccurate Jobs Biopic

Justin Long is iSteve.

Justin Long is iSteve.

Earlier this month, Funny or Die released a trailer for its upcoming comedy about Steve Jobs, iSteve. Starring Justin Long from Apple’s own Mac vs. PC ads, the movie is set to debut online Monday, April 15th. Unlike Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS biopic, iSteve is an intentional parody of Apple lore.

The movie is written and directed by Ryan Perez, a former Saturday Night Live writer who  [Read More…]

Funny Or Die Releases Trailer For iSteve, The First Steve Jobs Movie [Video]


We’ve been excited for iSteve, Funny or Die’s upcoming Steve Jobs movie, since it was announced on March 18, and with just under two weeks to go until its release, we’ve got its first teaser trailer. Check it out below.

The short clip doesn’t give away too much — it only shows Justin Long, who will play Steve Jobs, for a second or two — but it gives us a brief taste  [Read More…]

iSteve: The Book of Jobs Official Biography on Steve Jobs Life Coming in Early 2012

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally given a thumbs up to an official biography book, that is currently being written by author Walter Isaacson about Steve Jobs life.


The book, which will be published by Simon & Schuster, is titled as iSteve: The Book of Jobs, and is due  [Read More…]