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Apple highlights latest efforts ‘to leave the world better than we found it’

Apple is leading the charge in environmental responsibility, and it’s only just getting started. That’s the message from the company’s 2015 progress report, which details all of the ways Apple is striving “to leave the world better than we found…Read more ›

Hey, Apple! What happened to ‘It just works’?

“It just works.” Those three words are synonymous with Apple. It’s the slogan Apple fanboys use when trying to convince their Android-loving friends that iOS is a better option. And it was used over and over by Steve Jobs as…Read more ›

iOS 7.1.1 has a jailbreak, but you can’t use it… yet

Unfortunately iOS 7.1 brought an end to the versatile Evasi0n jailbreak,which let anyone using iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.6run unsigned code on their iOS device. But no-one thought that would be it forever when it came to jailbreaks, and this…Read more ›

Square Enix Releases Wait For It SolaRola!?

Okay, this probably isn’t what you were hoping for from the company that brought us titles such as Final Fantasy XIV and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but Square Enix’s next mobile release is none other than SolaRola. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry — most of us haven’t. This cute mobile puzzler platformer was actually launched on Java back in 2007, and believe it or not,  [Read More…]

Tim Cook On 37 Million iPhones: It Was A Decent Quarter

Cook sarcastically called Apples 37 million iPhone sales last quarter a decent number to a room full of laughs at the Goldman Sachs Conferencethis afternoon. In Cooks eyes, that number represented only 9% of the handset market, and Apple sees incredible opportunity to take the entire global handset market by storm. Cook said that Apples mission is to make the worlds best product. Last year, Apple received $ 13 billion  [Read More…]