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This Brushed Aluminum And Italian Leather Case Stunningly Redefines Any iPhone 5 It Carries [Review]

Amazing packaging, too!Signature iPhone 5 Case by Truffol Category: iPhone Case Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $75 for Classic, $60 for Minimalist When I received the Truffol “Signature” case in the mail, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. After all, how much can a case maker bring to the table that hasn’t already been brought (broughten?) several […]

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Manfrotto Pixi iPhone Tripod Has ‘Minimal Italian Style’

Manfrotto’s new Pixi tripod is built to supports hefty compact cameras, but will be equally at home when shoved under your iPhone (via a case with a tripod screw mount, of course). In fact, it’s almost perfect for iPhoeography as it doubles as a handgrip letting you shoot much steadier video than you could with […]

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High-Class Italian Leather iPad Sleeve Has A High Price To Match


I used to use a sleeve-style case with my original iPad, and I loved it. Sleeves protect the iPad while you carry it, and let you experience the full slimline awesomeness of a naked tablet when you take it out to use. Then Apple made the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover and that was it. The only time I change cases now is if I need something rugged, or if I’m  [Read More…]

Nigella’s New Italian Food App Leaves A Bad Taste [Review]

Turns out Nigella quite likes Italian food

Co-inciding with her latest TV series, Nigella Lawson’s latest foodie app, Nigellissima is now on the App Store. The theme is simple, delicious Italian food. Nigella, as always, makes amazing dishes look effortless.

The new app is free, but huge, demanding 750MB of storage space on your iOS device. That would be OK if it was packed with useful content. But it’s not.

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Apple Fires Back at Italian Warranty Police

On Monday, we�reported that the Italian government has supposedly threatened Apple with another fine – “and possible temporary closure of its operations in Italy” – if Apple doesn�t amend its warranty policy to comply with EU law. As some of you may recall, Italian antitrust authorities already succeeded at forcing Apple to pay $1.2 million in fines after the iDevice maker lost an appeal in late spring. Earlier this week, Reuters noted that additional fines and  [Read More…]

Did Apple Dodge A Powder Keg In Europe With Italian Warranty Case?

CC-licensed, thanks to Andrew* on Flickr.

Although many EU consumer laws already guarantee twice as much protection, Apple can continue to rip off customers there by selling AppleCare extended warranties. Lawyer Carlo Piana told Cult of Mac that although Apple lost its appeal over fines for unfair business practices in an Italian court, that probably won�t affect Apple�s stance in the rest of the EU-27, although consumer laws are �harmonized� across  [Read More…]

Italian Apple Employees Strike Before iPhone 4S Launch

The iPhone 4S arrives in Italy today � along with another 22 countries � and the Italians are so into it, they are apparently standing in orderly lines to get it.* Outside the Roma Est store in the country�s capital, however, Apple employees went on strike. The unidentified leader in this video from blog iSpazio says they have decide to �strike different� � as their banner and T-shirts say � because they have asked store management to meet a series  [Read More…]

Italian Judge Rules Against Samsung, iPhone 4S Launch On

You can hear a collective sospiro of relief from Italian Apple fans today after a judge in Milan denied a request by Samsung to block sales of the iPhone 4S in a preliminary hearing. At stake was the launch of the iPhone 4S on October 28, the device that some Italians have already been buying on eBay� just to say they�ve established intimate relations with Siri before anyone else. Today was  [Read More…]

Italian Blog Claims to Have Leaked iPhone 5 Component Images

Click the image to open in full size. Could we be looking at the first officially leaked component photos of the forthcoming iPhone 5? The above image, as one example, was first posted on the iPhone Italia blog, which – it deserves to be noted – boasted sources that accurately predicted the timeframe for the recent white iPhone 4 release. If you’re confused about what this photo actually reveals, you’re not alone. The minuscule part  [Read More…]