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If Apple made a flip phone, it’d look something like this

Apple started a smartphone revolution with the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007, but despite the rise of high-powered phones, people in Japan are still clinging to their flip phones. The closest Apple ever got to making a flip phone was the disastrous Rokr the company developed in partnership with Motorola, so concept designer […][Read More…]

If Navy SEALs Used Bluetooth Speakers on Ops, It’d Be These Tough Little Mothers

ecoxgear-ecorox  There’s a lot of similarity between the Ecoxgear Ecorox Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone and the Navy SEALs. They’re both rugged, packed with stamina and waterproof. Oh yeah, and they both come from aqua-crazy San Diego. The Ecorox isn’t like the growing cluster of water-resistant Bluetooth speakers that are simply impervious to splashed water. Instead, the Ecorox […]

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If That Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Were Honest It’d Look Like This [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyGP0ZyxF5E]

You’ve seen Microsoft’s famous Internet Explorer 9 commercial, right? You know, the one with that catchy dub-step song and all the crazy graphics of IE being like superhero fast? They play it on TV all the time and the at movies so you must have seen it by now. It’s not really that realistic though, so World Wide Interweb made an “honest version” of the commercial.

Bottom line: Switch to Mac and use Chrome.

Source: WWideInterweb

Via: TechCrunch

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