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Apple-designed packaging for third-party items hits store shelves

Apple is known for its uncompromising demands on quality, and now it appears that the iPhone-maker is helping third-party accessory makers learn the magic of making beautiful packaging too. Apple Stores have begun stocking third-party accessories with redesigned packaging that…Read more ›

Add Items to the Mac Finder Window Toolbar with a Drag & Drop Trick

Few Mac users seem to know it, but the Finder window toolbars of OS X can be customized to serve as a quick-launch panel. You can store almost anything in the Finder toolbar, whether it’s an app, a directory, automator action, network share, a website bookmark, or even a frequently accessed document. Adding items to … Read More

How To Add To, Hide And Reorder Those Pesky Sidebar Items [OS X Tips]

The OS X sidebar, introduced in Mac OS X Panther (10.3), has gotten an increased set of features over the years, including the most recent changes in Mountain Lion, which let you Hide and change the order of your Sidebar…Read more ›

IFTTT Now Adds Items To Evernote Checklists

IFTTT’s new Evernote action might not seem like much, adding one measly little function, but it’s a biggy. You can take anything, and append it to an Evernote note as to-do item, complete with a checkbox. Example uses: Send your…Read more ›    

Change the Number of Files Shown in “Open Recent” Menu Items of OS X

Adjusting the number of files in the Recent list

The File menu in just about every file-centric application throughout OS X has an “Open Recent” option, which displays the 10 most recent files that have been used in that given Mac app. While 10 recent documents is a fair amount, many of us prefer to have more recent files visible in those Recent Files menus, and that’s what we’ll show how to  [Read More…]

Hatch 1.1 Update Brings Wallpapers, New Shop Items & More

Hatch, the cute virtual pet for iPhone from the makers of Clear, has received its first update just one week after making its App Store debut. The release adds some beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone, introduces some new shop items,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

1Password 4 For Mac Now Available With iCloud Sync, Shared Items, Menubar Utility

1P4 Mac iconBack in December of last year, AgileBits released version 4 of 1Password for iOS. A completely redesigned, streamlined interface was introduced along with a built-in browser and iCloud syncing. The app has supported Dropbox and WiFi syncing for years, but iCloud was a welcomed addition when using version 4 on multiple iOS devices. 1Password 4.0 […]

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Here’s Another, Easier Way To Make A New Folder Full Of Selected Items [OS X Tips]

New Folder with SelectionI don’t know about you all, but I’ve been getting stuff into a new folder in the Finder the same way as I always have, just like I did way back in OS 7, OS 8, OS 9, and even ten years ago in OS X. I make a new folder in the Finder using […]

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Show Something From The Recent Items Menu Without Opening It [OS X Tips]

Recent Items MenuSometimes, when using the Recent Items feature of the Apple menu, you might like to find a specific file or app without opening it. Maybe you just want to find it, and then copy it or move it to a different drive, or email it to a friend. It’s super simple, and it works in […]

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