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Imagine that your devices could send you a push notification asking if they could switch themselves off. That you could switch appliances on and off remotely to stop them drawing power in standby mode. That would be neat, right? Well,… Read more ›     

Can an iPhone 5s film itself being burned alive? The answer, it turns out, is no, but that didn’t stop the wasteful doofuses at TechRax lit an iPhone 5s on fire with a combination of gasoline and Axe body spray…

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0925_iphone_vs_dow_630inlineWe all know the iPhone is a huge part of Apple’s business, but how huge? A new chart shows that if it were a standalone company, the iPhone would have greater revenues than some of the most iconic businesses on Earth. Businessweek put together a chart that shows that, taken alone, Apple’s iPhone business would […]

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I have a confession to make: I own a BlackBerry Z10, and I love it. I think its BlackBerry 10 operating system is terrific — it’ll be even better when it gets more apps — and I haven’t been this excited about a new platform since I got my first iPhone. Seriously.

I certainly don’t want to see BlackBerry sinking anytime soon, then.

But I can’t help but wonder whether BlackBerry might  [Read More...]

Chuck The Muck Flings Itself Onto The App Store For Free

Chuck that muck, Charles.

Chuck that muck, Charles.

In the latest free-to-play iOS game from the makers of Critter Escape, you’ll take on the role of a crystal mining critter who must take care of an endearing blob of muck named Chuck. You’ll be tasked with escaping the crystal mines with some flinging-action and bouncy platforming skill. You’ll need to keep Chuck fed with crystals, all while navigating through dangerous places and avoiding  [Read More...]

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren't hipster enough.

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren’t hipster enough.

Before the 100+-million-user-giant that is Instagram, Hipstamtic was all the rage. No really, like totally. It was one of the first iPhone apps that helped popularize the retro filter look before Instagram stole the show.

Hipstamtic still exists believe it or not, and later this week it will be re-branded as “Oggl,” a paid, subscription-based photo sharing network for  [Read More...]


Robotic technology developed by England’s Oxford University is working alongside the iPad to enable an electric Nissan Leaf to drive itself. Apple’s tablet is built into the vehicle’s dashboard, and can be used to activate the robotic technology that will take over the vehicle for short stretches.

The clever system, which is designed to take the strain off of drivers during busy commutes, uses small cameras and lasers built discretely into the body of  [Read More...]


Walk into any Starbucks and be cast by the glowing eye-con of a thousand MacBooks, staring at you, poor PC laptop user, with a piercing gaze of recrimination and scorn. “You are not one of us,” they murmur. “You are not of the seraphim.”

If you’re stuck with owning a Windows laptop but want to fit in with the Starbucks set, maybe consider an ASUS Taichi 21? It’s a cool piece of hardware in its own right, featuring a  [Read More...]

When most people think of Apple they think of hardware. Apple’s got the iPhone, iPad, and Macs and they also make their own software to power those devices, but one of Apple’s secret weapons is its gigantic media division.

iTunes was just updated last week and you already know that it sells everything from books, Apps, newspapers, music, tv shows, movies and more. But did you know that iTunes would be one  [Read More...]

It’s pretty clear that the iPhone is going to boost Apple’s bottom line this coming Wednesday, September 12, when it’s expected to release along with an invite-only event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Michael Feroli, chief economist for investment firm, J.P. Morgan, thinks it might actually raise the overall U.S. economy.

Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal.

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