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1Password has been hovering near the top of the App Store’s charts since it went freemium alongside the launch of iOS 8. Developed by Canadian company AgileBits, the popular password manager has been on the forefront of app development for Apple’s latest OS since WWDC… Read more ›

Some iPhone users have experienced a very annoying issue; their iPhone will randomly turn itself off, despite having battery charge remaining. Sometimes this is just a matter of the iPhone battery indicator not updating properly, sometimes it’s software related, and sometimes it’s actually related to the battery hardware itself. If you’re experiencing the random shutting … Read More

Apple and Google aren’t the good friends they used to be thanks to the rise of Android as the iPhone’s main competitor. Every since Apple axed Google Maps in iOS 6, it was clear that Google’s days in Apple’s software were… Read more ›

After Yahoo disaster, Upcoming.org resurrects itself

  Upcoming.org – the artsy-fartsy, Apple-loving community Yahoo tried to kill – has pulled itself out of the cold clutches of death with its own Kickstarter project. And it only took 90 minutes. After being acquired by Yahoo in 2005,… Read more ›

Here’s the Das Keyboard 4, possibly the most bad-ass clacky keyboard in existence. No keycap markings, USB 3.0, Cherry MX switches and a huge knob. All that plus Das’s trademark feature: it’s as big as a boat. A “Das Boat”… Read more ›     

Companies like Apple using specially commissioned shuttle buses to ferry employees back and forth from San Francisco have caused their fair share of problems in the past. Wanting to find out just how often the buses traveled past his house,… Read more ›     

Imagine that your devices could send you a push notification asking if they could switch themselves off. That you could switch appliances on and off remotely to stop them drawing power in standby mode. That would be neat, right? Well,… Read more ›     

Can an iPhone 5s film itself being burned alive? The answer, it turns out, is no, but that didn’t stop the wasteful doofuses at TechRax lit an iPhone 5s on fire with a combination of gasoline and Axe body spray…

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0925_iphone_vs_dow_630inlineWe all know the iPhone is a huge part of Apple’s business, but how huge? A new chart shows that if it were a standalone company, the iPhone would have greater revenues than some of the most iconic businesses on Earth. Businessweek put together a chart that shows that, taken alone, Apple’s iPhone business would […]

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I have a confession to make: I own a BlackBerry Z10, and I love it. I think its BlackBerry 10 operating system is terrific — it’ll be even better when it gets more apps — and I haven’t been this excited about a new platform since I got my first iPhone. Seriously.

I certainly don’t want to see BlackBerry sinking anytime soon, then.

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